Conservation Landscaping; protecting our land, water, and wildlife one yard at a time

Apr 2, 2018 Program at the Scouting Achievement Center, 10078 Reading Rd, Cincinnati, Ohio 45241 (in Evendale) The public is welcome.   Speaker: Jason Brownknight

Jason Brownknight is the Senior Landscape Ecologist and C.E.O at Brownknight EcoResource, LLC. Jason is committed to utilizing and sharing best management practices toward the restoration, enhancement, and preservation of native habitats. Prior to establishing Brownknight EcoResource, LLC in 2016, Mr. Brownknight spent seven years as the Director of Conservation and Stewardship at the Cincinnati Nature Center. Jason earned a Master’s degree in Physical Geography from Ohio University with a specialization in Landscape Ecology and Bio-geography. Jason’s passion for nature and wildlife began as a child growing up in, and exploring, the hills and hollows of Adams County. 

 …Conservation landscaping incorporates; the use of native plants, removal of invasive plants, water conservation, eliminating or reducing chemical fertilizers and pesticides, erosion control, soil enhancement, and wildlife habitat creation. A conservation landscape design utilizes an adaptive, holistic approach that can benefit the overall health of the environment. Rain gardens, xeriscaping, pollinator gardens are all examples of conservation landscaping.

“By practicing conservation landscaping, we can improve air and water quality and the health of humans and wildlife while reducing landscape maintenance costs and decreasing the time spent on yard chores such as mowing while at the same time emphasizing our unique regional landscape.” (Chesapeake Ecology Center, 2005).