JULY 4 NORTHSIDE PARADE starts at noon. Watch parade from Hamilton Avenue

Needed: Marchers with BYOBag signs, costumes RSVP so we know you are coming! to march !  
Northside 4th of July Parade Participant Rules:
Parking for Non-Parade Vehicles

Because parking is limited in the staging lot we won’t have any parking for vehicles that aren’t IN the parade, however, we have arranged a shuttle from the McKie Recreational Center at 1655 Chase Ave.


A bus will be making regular trips to and from McKie (1655 Chase) to the staging lot (Greater Bethlehem Temple, 4781 Hamilton Ave). 

The shuttle runs 9:30AM until 11:30AM.  The parade will commence at 12:00PM sharp, so please have you group assembled in the lot NO LATER that 11:30.

Staging Lot Set Up:

When you arrive at the lot you must go directly toward the church into one of two lanes.  At the end of the lane you will see a person with a clipboard.  That person will give you your staging area color and number in the parade.  Go toward the staging area and see a volunteer to place you in the correct numerical order. **Please note – nothing should be left behind in the parade stage lot. They generously let us use the lot, so we need to be respectful.

At the End of the Parade

The parade will conclude at Blue Rock St at Hoffner Park.

 Other Details
 ·        You may drop off people for your entry at the staging lot, then you must move your car, only vehicles in the parade may be in the staging lot
·        Bring sunscreen, water and food for your people and animals
·        There is a port-o-let behind McKie (shuttle pick-up), and two near the staging lot, but that’s it. Be prepared.
·        Do not throw items into the crowd or the street. You may hand items to the public on the curb.
·        Be considerate about causing large gaps in the parade – keep it going.
·         If you have an animal in your entry, you must pick up all ****, horses require bags on their rears.
·         Pick up all trash in the staging lot before you leave for the parade route