City and County wish to continue fighting over MSD for another year

Following on the dispute between the city and county over Consent Decree Phase 2 plans  (and countless other disputers over MSD), the County has sent a letter to Federal Court Judge Michael R. Barrett which says  “This letter proposes that you assist the City and County in agreeing to a simple extension of the MSD 1968 Agreement in order to continue working together toward the previously agreed upon transition of MSD. The simple extension would be until July 1, 2019.” Read the full letter here.Ltr_MSD_Court re 1968 Extension_20180720

Note that the 50 year agreement between the city and county ended April 30, 2018. They agreed to extend that deadline to September but cannot meet the September 2018 deadline. Originally a new agreement was to be reached by September 2017.

The continued waste of money on disputes instead of fixing the sewers is an outrage.