Edge of Appalachia (The Edge)

When:  Oct 1, 2018, 7pm
Who: Martin McAllister
Where: 10078 Reading Rd, Evendale, Ohio 45241

Martin McAllister; “Edge of Appalachia” (The Edge)

The Sunken Mountain: Flora and Geology of a Meteorite Crater in Southwest Ohio: The geological diversity in Adams County not only attracts geologists, but also botanists who come to study the various plant communities that are linked to the varying bedrock types. The late Dr. E. Lucy Braun brought Adams County to the forefront of conservation in Ohio when she advocated for the preservation of these unique areas. One of the most interesting geological features to be found here is an ancient meteorite crater. This presentation will connect the dots between Lucy, the Edge of Appalachia Preserve System and the mysterious meteorite crater.”

Martin McAllister currently works with The Nature Conservancy in Ohio as the Appalachian Forests Project Manager. In this capacity he oversees management of the 20,000 Edge of Appalachia Preserve as well as TNC’s efforts to improve forest management and protection in the greater Appalachian Plateau region of Ohio. Martin is a lifelong resident of southern Ohio and a retired public servant with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, having served for twenty-seven years as a naturalist, preserve manager and park manager. His position at time of retirement was as the Southwest District Manager for Ohio State Parks and State Nature Preserves. In addition to his work with TNC, Martin serves on the boards of two conservation organizations: The Friends of Scioto Brush Creek and the Ohio Prescribed Fire Council.