Winter Retreat Feb 9, 2018


February 9, 2019 at the Schott Pavilion at Jesuit Spiritual Center in Milford

The retreat schedule with topics and speakers will be coming out in the Jan/Feb newsletter.

Information and directions will be sent after registration.

or Randy Johnson ([email protected]) 513-751-2503.

  • Retreat announced in Meetup, but you must register, not just indicate that you are interested.

We need meal numbers before January 25!

Name: _______________________________

Address ________________________________________________

City: ___________________________ State: _________ Zip:__________ Home phone (_____)_____________

E-mail: __________________________________________ or

Fax: (_____)_______________________

Retreat registration: $15 X _____ people = $__________

Lunch: $10 X _____ people = $__________

Dinner: $10 X _____ people = $__________

Total: = $__________

Please place an X here if you want all vegetarian meals or V for vegan: _____

Send full payment (payable to Miami Group Sierra Club) and  registration to: Martha Walker,  6234 Englewood, Cincinnati, OH 45237 ([email protected]). Electronic registration and payment will also available soon through the Miami Group website: