2023 Executive Committee elects officers

Each year, the newly elected Miami Group Executive Committee selects officers to fill key roles in the organization’s leadership. We would like to congratulate and thank all of the 2023 Executive Committee members and officers:

  • Sally Dannemiller, ExCom Chair
  • Chris Curran, ExCom Vice Chair
  • Barry Randall, ExCom Secretary
  • Randy Johnson, Treasurer
  • Marie Kocoshis, ExCom member
  • Kathy Kugler, ExCom member
  • Gail Lewin, ExCom member
  • Jeanne Nightingale, ExCom member
  • Mary Rhodes, ExCom member

The Miami Group currently has one vacancy to fill on the Executive Committee. If interested. please contact Sally Dannemiller.

For biographies and additional committee roles, visit our Current Officers page.

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