Candidates for 2016 Miami Group Excom Election

Brian Kwiatkowski  I’m a Certified Professional Ecologist with more than 15 years of experience in the water resources and ecological restoration fields. My passions are clean water, healthy ecosystems, and local economies that respect and protect our natural resources. As a professional Ecologist, I’ve collected and analyzed data on nearly 500 miles of rivers and streams throughout North America and contributed to stormwater best management practice (BMP) manuals addressing the design of rivers and streams, sustainable storm water management, green infrastructure planning, and water quality improvement. As a Sierra Club Life Member, I believe that the Club is the organization best suited for education and outreach, developing an appreciation of ecological functions and values, creating a culture of respect for our natural environment, and forging lasting partnerships that will preserve, enhance, and restore our native ecosystems. As an Excomm member, I will leverage my knowledge, experience, and can-do attitude to meet the environmental challenges of our region.

Karen Anderson Brown   As a member of the Miami Group Sierra Club (MGSC) for almost thirty years, I have been a hiking, service, and backpacking leader for more than fifteen years, and co-founded the MGSC Memorial Grove in French Park. I have a degree in Sustainable Horticulture from Cincinnati State, and support the use of native species and natural practices. I support the founding philosophy and goals of the Sierra Club, and will work to ensure that the Miami Group continues to fulfill this mission to preserve and protect wild places. I believe in working together and involving communities in meeting today’s environmental challenges.

Marilyn Wall   Our future is challenged by climate change, and the need for clean air and water, and eliminating toxics. Making sustainable choices, whether it’s the food we eat, how we travel, how much energy we can save, by protecting natural areas, will make a difference locally and globally.

We need to increase diversity and build our organization. We need to elect politicians who will champion the environment and connect people to the outdoors and the issues we all care about. We need to aggressively implement solutions that will help prevent the worst impacts of climate change, which is being felt now across the globe.

It would be an honor and privilege to be able to continue to serve on the excom and I ask for your vote.

Scott Bushbaum. I’m Scott Bushbaum from Dayton, OH. My background in environmentalism began in 1988 as a Staff Canvasser for Ohio Citizen Action. My work included fundraising for EPA Superfund legislation, Hazardous Materials Right to Know laws and the Well Field Protection Act. I left environmental work to study Communications and Geology at Wright State University. Today, I volunteer for the Sierra Club Miami Group Executive Committee. I  raise awareness to Sierra Club meetings and issues throughout Ohio and Miami Group territories . I write letters to Congressional leadership and the Dayton Daily News. I volunteer for the Ohio Chapter Executive Committee as well.

Don Sherman  I have worked closely for the past six or more years with executive board members of the Miami Group to advance our common environmental interests. I was Director of the Interfaith Workers Center (now retired) from 2005 to 2012 and was an active member, through my organization, of the Blue Green Alliance. More recently, I have been active in discussions with members of the Miami Group on how to achieve our political objectives through the consent decree with MSD.

One of my goals now with the Miami Group is how we can diversify and make roads with students, African-Americans and immigrants in both understanding their issues with the environment and recruiting and involving a wide demographic as future members in our Miami Group.

Sandy Wood  I have been a member of Sierra Club since 1977 and have been active in many areas of the club. I started teaching and helping out with paddle sports in 1978 and have continued until this year. At this time I serve as a member of the Miami Group Executive Board and as a liaison to the Outings and Innings Committees. I also serve as a member on the Outings Committee and lead paddle outings and hikes. Every year I help with PaddleFest as a Water Marshall on the Ohio. Today our club faces many challenges. Decrease in active membership and the ability to attract new young members is difficult. This year I gave a talk to the University of Cincinnati Mountaineering Club about, our history, our commitment to the Environment and our outings and paddle sport classes. I think we need to do more of this type of outreach in the community. Doug Jose is working to make out internet sites more user friendly. Jay Freeman is actively trying to reach more people through our outing program, and Matt Trokan reaches a lot of new people through the Rain Barrel and Water Sentinels programs. These are the type of things I will support if I am voted in for a second term on the Executive Board. I also will continue to work against fracking and injection well disposal of fracking waste especially in our national parks and against Mountain Top Removal in Appalachia. I think the basic principles of John Muir hold true. If you get people out into the outdoors to see the beauty of nature and receive her good tidings then they in turn will learn to care for that environment.

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