Activist recognized by Ohio Legislature

Mike Fremont recognized

Mike Fremont, Miami Group member, long time river activist was recognized at the Ohio House of Representatives on June 21 by Rep Jessica Miranda and Rep Jean Schmidt.

Mike lead early efforts to bring rivers in Ohio into the Scenic River system, stop channelization of our Rivers as well as dams back in the big dam building era. Mike worked to stop expanding highway and bridges over the Little Miami National Wild and Scenic River, an effort which Miami Group continued fighting the Eastern Corridor project that called for another massive bridge over the river.

Mike was a founding member of American Rivers and River Network as well as the organization now called the Mill Creek Alliance. Mike served on the Little Miami Inc. board for many years.

Mike was also lauded for his athletic accomplishments, having set a number of age group records, including running a 5K at the Flying Pig at the age of 101. Mike continues as a canoe racer and joined by Greg Bechtel as his canoeing partner, won the Little Miami canoe race put on by Hope Taft on June 10 in Bellbrook, Ohio.

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