Addressing Racism: a Resource Guide for the Miami Group (OH) Sierra Club

Addressing Racism: a Resource Guide for the Miami Group (Ohio Chapter) Sierra Club

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Our hearts are heavy with the deep grief, pain, violence, and death our Black and Brown family, friends, neighbors, partners, and communities continue to experience as a result of systemic racism, inequity, and police brutality in this country. This guide is intended to provide resources and information to help everyone in the Sierra Club family stay informed and take action.

“Enacting racial justice change requires every person outraged by the recent attacks against black people to practice active anti-racism, and become an ally for racial justice in the outdoors and beyond.” – Michael Brune

Sierra Club has signed onto the climate letter of solidarity with the Movement for Black Lives (M4BL) demands and week of action. The final letter has more than 230 groups signed on. The aim of this solidarity letter is not to center ourselves as environmental organizations, but to add our voices in a helpful way and push for real solutions.

Environmental Justice

Why the environmental justice field has a responsibility to participate in change and stopping racism.

Resources To Do Your Own Anti-Racism Work

This is not the time you seek advice from people of color on how you can be an ally or take action. There are plenty of resources you can access and suggest you have these conversations with white allies. Remember this is a lifelong journey.

Protesting In The Streets

People coming together to raise their voices and demand change within the structures and culture that define our society is how this country was formed and how we the people have chosen to govern ourselves. Hundreds of thousands of people across the U.S. and the world have engaged in peaceful protest since the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis MN by a police officer while other officers stood by. Protestors and many who watch from their homes and send money, talk with friends or say prayers are wielding their rights and shouldering their responsibilities to stop the ongoing violence against Black people. This is a moment for real change.

Please be mindful, if you express your feeling of sadness around property damage you are deflecting conversations about the root of the issue: racism and the murder of George Floyd. Instead you are focusing the conversation about property and your personal feelings rather than ongoing harm to people and systematic racism that has persisted and caused us to be here.

Ways to Support Locally

Show your support for People of Color with your dollar! It is an easy way to express a thriving community is best when represented by all of those who live in it.


Dayton: If You’re Looking to Shop Black-Owned Businesses in Dayton

Showing Up For Racial Justice will link you to events going on in Ohio

  • Greater Dayton-  Dayton, OH

Email: [email protected]     Facebook

  • Cincinnati

Email: [email protected]     Facebook

Lots of Petitions to Support

What’s Happening in Ohio?

Self Care Resources

Please take care of yourself and each other!

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