After Four Years of Pain and Destruction, Sierra Club Celebrates Historic Biden/Harris Victory


Saturday, November 7, 2020

Contact: Adam Beitman, [email protected]

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have officially won the Presidency of the United States amid record turnout during an unprecedented pandemic. Biden and Harris ran on the strongest climate platform in presidential history and won more votes than any ticket in the history of the United States.

The Sierra Club Independent Action and Sierra Club Political Committee actively mobilized a grassroots movement that has swept the country since the 2016 election, running their largest programs ever this cycle. Nearly 35,000 Sierra Club volunteers helped to contact millions of voters in battleground presidential states and House, Senate, and state races across the country. In total, these volunteers made more than 5.5 million phone calls, handwrote nearly 1.3 million letters, and sent more than 20 million text messages to voters. Additionally, Sierra Club staff and volunteers participated in over 800 events nationwide through the Victory Corps program.

In Response, Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune released the Following Statement:

“This victory belongs to all of us because this country belongs to all of us. Together, we’ve remained committed to resisting fascism in all of its forms and restoring the promise of our democracy. Together, we’ve remained committed to fighting for a livable planet, safe communities, and a democracy ‘of the people, by the people and for the people,’ in which every person and every vote counts. “The Sierra Club congratulates Joe Biden and Kamala Harris on this victory, and celebrates their decisive mandate to begin immediate executive action on the strongest climate, clean energy, and environmental justice platform ever advanced by a presidential ticket.

“In order for us to make a better, more resilient, and more inclusive future a reality, we must remember that the work continues. Though the will of the voters is clear and we’ve chosen new leaders who will care for all of us, over 68 million people still voted for a white supremacist committed to environmental destruction, systemic racism, and voter disenfranchisement. That is why we must redouble our efforts to organize and to mobilize against systemic racism, and to work to restore our democracy, our right to clean air and clean water, and a sustainable, healthy climate. Today is just the first step toward repairing the damage of the past four years, and taking the bold, urgent action needed to address the climate crisis and protect our planet for all people.”

Original Press Release:

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