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December Inning: Forks over Knives

What: “Forks Over Knives”; Impact of a Plant Based Diet

When: Monday, December 7th, 2015, 7:00 – 8:55 PM

Where: At the Dan Beard Boy Scout Council (10078 Reading Road, Cincinnati, OH 45241)

Speaker:  Moderated by Marilyn Wall, Chair, Miami Group

FoKThis documentary discusses the impacts of a plant based diet. Learn more about how what you eat can help stop climate change, prevent environmental degradation caused by our food system, support local food producers and make you healthier. Producing meat and processed foods requires far more acres of land than producing food for a plant based diet. The environmental impacts of factory farms, loss of forests- including rain forests- to grow corn and soy beans not only limits biodiversity but also contributes to climate change. Following a plant based diet helps the environment and improves public health.

Join us to learn more!

January Inning: “Back Yard Wildlife”

When: Monday, January 5th, 2015, 7:00 – 8:55 PM

Where: At the Dan Beard Boy Scout Council (10078 Reading Road, Cincinnati, OH)

SpeakersCarol Mundy

Title“Back Yard Wildlife”


WHOSE YARD IS IT ANYWAY? You have the yard just the way you like it when the drama begins…flower heads are eaten, trees have been rubbed raw, and bark has been stripped. You see holes in the ground, nests in the shrubs and babies under the deck! Wildlife has moved in and you’re thinking “whose yard is it anyway?” We’ll discuss many aspects of dealing with wildlife in your home landscape.

Background: Carol holds a degree in Animal Health from U.C.. She recently retired from the Great Parks of Hamilton county, as a Naturalist and Head of Education for Glenwood Gardens. She’s been involved in education via radio since 1997 when she became a regular guest on the Denny McKeown Gardening Program, where she answered questions and helped people with urban wildlife issues. (In 2004 she authored the “Herb” chapter of the revised edition of “The Gardening Book for Ohio” for Denny McKeown). Today she hosts a weekly radio program called “Outdoor Life” on WMKV in Cincinnati.

Formerly she’s been a nature columnist and writer for Fifty Plus Magazine where she brought to light the wonderful, but often overlooked aspects of nature in our everyday life. She taught classes about wildlife and native plants for the University of Cincinnati’s Horticulture Degree program for nearly ten years. When the grand steamboats were in operation, she was known as the “Steamboatin’ Naturalist” when she was a nature lecturer for the Delta Queen Steamboat Company. Carol has been awarded the Citation for Horticulture Education from the Garden Club of Ohio. She’s been a speaker at many local and national groups including the National Youth and Children’s Gardening Symposium for the American Horticultural Society, the National Wildlife Rehabiltator’s Association, the Herb Society of America, National Conference for Wild Ones Native Plant Association, and the Midwest Native Plant Conference as well as many, many local groups of all sorts!

Carol is a Naturalist, Speaker and Writer. She has three grown daughters, who live in Cincinnati, and she is the grandmother of three! She lives in Forest Park, Ohio with her husband James who shares her enthusiasm for nature by capturing images as a nature photographer. See some of his incredible images at .

public hearings on MSDGC sewer rates and budget Dec 3 and Dec 8

Public Hearing on Sewer Rates and Budgets of Metropolitan Sewer District of Greater Cincinnati

December 3, 2014 at 11:30 a.m.

December 8, 2014 at 6:30 p.m.

Both hearings are scheduled at 138 East Court Street, Room 605, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202.

More information can be found at on the hamilton county commission website including the

operating budget

capital budget

And the rate study

Clicking on these links will download pdfs






Attend a Press Conference: Delivering 400,000 comments to the EPA

Ohio’s Climate Action Campaign will be delivering 400,000 comments to the EPA in support of renewable energy and reducing climate disrupting emissions.

?Bring your support signs for our 1 o’clock press conference to send a message to the Ohio administration that we won’t stand for the status quo any longer.

When: Thursday NOVEMBER 13TH, 2014 1:00PM
Where: 26 W. Martin Luther King Dr. CincinnatiOH 45268 

Excom elections

To vote in the Miami Group excom election, you must be an active member, and have your member number handy. You should receive a mailed ballot if your email is not in the Club’s system or you don’t use email. If you have an email in the Club’s system, you should receive an email with your member number in it. Voting begins after Oct 31 and continues until December 5, 2014.

If you don’t receive a ballot in the mail or by email, and you are a current, active Sierra Club member, please leave a message on 513-226-9235 with contact information.

There are 4 positions open and 5 candidates running. Please vote for no more than four. The candidates running are Gail Lewin, Elizabeth Durrell, Marie Kocoshis, Amy Francis, and Bob Park. Their ballot statements are below. Click on this link when you are ready to vote.

Gail Lewin
I have served as a member of the Miami Group Executive Committee for several terms and I have served as a member of the Miami Group Political Committee for since 2003. I currently act as the ExComm liaison to the Treasurer. It is an important to spend our budget efficiently and in the most worthwhile areas. This year we were able to fund a part time employee to concentrate on important Miami Group issues such as MSD and the Eastern Corridor. We need to look into how we can raise funds to keep our local projects/priorities going so there is no need to back off an important environmental challenge. We also need to reinvigorate the club with a new generation of members to maintain our traditions and find ways to come up with innovative programs that reach all of our members. I would like to continue to serve on ExComm as a steward of our finances and improving membership and I ask for your vote.

Elizabeth Durrell
As a long-time member of the Miami Group and Sierra Club, I have appreciated my participation because of the variety of ways to enjoy, preserve and protect our planet. It prompts me to want to give back and I have tried to be committed by being an Outing Leader and working with the Membership and GREP Committees. I also enjoyed being on the ExCom a few years ago and find it is a way to extend my commitment to the organization which I believe is very important to the “cause” of preserving the earth at a grassroots level.

Marie Kocoshis
I look forward to accepting the environmental challenges in Cincinnati area with Miami Group members. We are faced with recent drastic changes in the city’s recycling program, which had made great advances with one trash cart program. The Metropolitan Sewer District has yet to comply with clean water act and stop the overflows into basements and streams. The costs are affecting sewer rates for consumers, many of whom are unable to pay these higher rates. We need a fair and affordable rate.

Amy Francis
My involvement with the Sierra Club began just a few short years ago as a student intern for the Clean Water Campaign, when I became a water sentinel and helped distribute hundreds of rain barrels so that residents could save money, conserve water, and reduce sewer overflows in Hamilton County. I continue to learn how important outreach through canvassing and public forums is to good governance, by educating residents on environmental issues and presenting their concerns to our elected officials. I live in Madisonville and work to preserve and protect areas affected by the Eastern Corridor Project. I have also served on the Political Action Committee.

Bob Park
I would like to see the Miami Group continue to develop alliances with other local organizations that can ultimately impact the politics of decision-making at the city, county and state levels. Aggressive, progressive leadership is largely absent among elected officials and the resulting administrations. Examples of ongoing opportunities for the Miami Group include 1) stopping and modifying the Eastern Corridor freeway project; 2) engaging in the public discourse on promoting mass transit; 3) intervening in the unfolding MSD make-over of the greater Cincinnati storm/waste water system, restoring clean water as an integral part of our urban environment. To expand the network of community opposition to ODOT on the Eastern Corridor and continue to advance green sustainable solutions for the sewer system I think requires that we enhance our electronic media specifically in a format that concisely defines the issues, provides supporting documentation, and presents concrete solutions, roadmaps and campaigns for getting there. The ExCom needs to oversee that process. At the same time we need to attract more activists so that we have the critical mass needed to achieve that capability. That’s what I want to see happen.

Join us for our Annual Member Appreciation Dinner, Saturday, Nov. 15

Join us for our Annual Member Appreciation Dinner, Sat., Nov. 15, at Unity of Garden Park Church, 3581 Galbraith Rd., Cincinnati, 45239.

RSVP online by following this link!

This is a potluck dinner.  We provide the dinnerware.  Bring something to share and a drink.  Appetizers & conversation begin about 5:30 and  dinner around 6:30.  Then we’ll do a quick review of what’s happened this past year, things we’d like to accomplish in 2015, and give out awards to some of our volunteers. A great time to visit with old friends and meet new members.

Questions?  Contact Karen at [email protected].

November Innings Meeting

When: Monday, November 3rd, 2014, 7:00 – 8:55 PM

Where: At the Dan Beard Boy Scout Council (10078 Reading Road, Cincinnati, OH)

Speakers: Danny Cooper & Paige

Title: Highlights of 2014’s Bike2Baseball event AND a local’s ascent of Aconcagua, the tallest mountain in the world outside of the Himalayas


Danny Cooper, the event organizer and ride leader, will cover the highlights of “Bike2Baseball”, Cincinnati’s annual ride to Great American Ballpark (GABP) to watch a Reds game. Each year the route highlights a new bike lane or path created to meet the City of Cincinnati’s 2010 Bike Plan. He demonstrates for the average cyclist the location and safety of these new lanes. Biker participants receive a generous 10-40% ticket discount. To maximize fun and safety, rides are on the Ohio River Trail on weekend afternoons, when auto traffic is minimal and visibility is best.

Danny Cooper is an “Air Force “brat” born in Germany, who came to the US at age 5, then returned to Germany for a time. He played high school baseball in North Dakota and JV ball at the University of North Dakota. As an Air Force Engineer, he held positions including nuclear missile maintenance; the design of communications systems and satellite parts; and the formulation of the corporate, ten-year, $22B budget and closed two bases early. He is a backpacker, house remodeler, gardener, kayaker, volunteer & biker that does over 1000 “Green” miles a year.  He has lived in multiple locations around the US

Paige Elisha Lindy, 32, will share pictures and stories of her 22,837 foot climb last December on Aconcagua. Located in Argentina, Aconcagua is the tallest mountain in the world outside of the Himalayas.  Its climate can be extreme, and the mountain is known for chilling temperatures.  Yet, Aconcagua is accessible to many mountain enthusiasts because it is “non-technical” and does not require ropes.

Paige Elisha Lindy is a Colorado native and recent transplant to Cincinnati.  She grew up hiking with her family in the Elk Mountains in Colorado and has a love for long trips in the out-of-doors.  She has spent 21 days on the Grand Canyon (2008), climbed Kilimanjaro (2011), and most recently returned from climbing Aconcagua (2013).  Paige and her husband Ben are currently expecting their first child.