Bike the Little Miami Bike Trail from Isaac Walton League

August 11th, (2019) Picnic Bike Ride, Written by: Evan Denenberg (Outings Biking Leader)
There five,  (5) of us total on my bike ride.
In correspondence to the picture, from left to right, there were:  Lori Clark, Barry Randall, (my Assistant co leader)  Brian Lenin, Art, and me such as Evan Denenberg (the main biking leader). 
The weather was about the upper 70’s degree range with clear sunny skies. I started off by giving a brief trail talk before we began the bike ride. This bike ride was casual moderate-paced
This bike ride began close to about 1:30 pm and we stopped at the Avoca Park for about 20 minutes or so and we returned back to the Isaac Walton League about 4:00 pm such as before the picnic portion began. This bike ride was approximately 24 miles.
As a result we all had a good bike ride with good exercise and fun and we were all safe on this bike ride. 

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