Bike the Roads from Miami Whitewater State Forest

The bike trips I lead are more like a bike ‘hike’. We tend to have a moderate pace and are not opposed to stopping from time to time the take in the sights. The trips are designed to be both interesting and safe. We are on the roads or the most part, but we are also out in the country and experience very little traffic.

This particular trip is one of my favorites. The ride was first shown to me by Jim Carpenter. Jim had a knack for creating great rides and I have hopefully followed in his footsteps.

We start the ride on the bike path at Miami Whitewater and follow the roads along Howard’s Creek to the Indiana border. From there we explore the flat terrain of Southeast Indiana. There is a lovely old one room school house where we have lunched many times. The ride continues toward Okeana, Ohio. There is a beautiful long downhill before Okeana that is a pure delight. We finish up the trip by following another creek downstream to the Shaker village outside of Miami Whitewater. The trip is usually about 30 to 35 miles and takes us 4 to 5 hours. JOIN US.

Written by: Jay Freeman, Outings Sub-Chair

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