Bike Trip from Miami Whitewater Saturday Jan 12, 2019

I post a bike trip or two during the winter months just in case we have a warm day. Typically it gets canceled. This year we were blessed with a 50 degree day and the ride was on. Six of us traveled from Miami Whitewater along the bike path toward the Shaker village. We traveled the roads along Howard Creek and up Schraden road to the Indiana border. After crossing into Indiana we found a sheltered area on the side of the road for a quick lunch. Although the air temperature was near 50 it was still quite chilly when not biking. The ride continued down a long hill into Okeana and along Dry Fork creek and back to the park. As usual these winter excursions are exhilarating experiences. It was nice to get out and get the muscles moving.

Written by: Jay Freeman

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