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Sierra Club Miami Group Conservation Committee Agenda November 14, 2019

at 103 Wm H. Taft Rd, Cincinnati, Ohio 45219
Enter building from rear parking lot and press intercom # 9 and we will let you in.
Call 513-226-9235 if you have trouble getting in or will be late.

1. Water: MSD, ORSANCO
2. Transportation – Better Bus Coalition initiative, Bus Lane downtown, Eastern Corridor Improvements
3. Dirty Steel
4. Burnet Woods
5. Energy – The Power Siting Board is holding meetings next week (Nov 14) about two proposed solar projects. More info.
Reinventing Power screening in Warren County details here.
6. Plastic Pollution, SB210, Kroger announcement re single use plastic bags
7. Bloomberg award to city of Cincinnati
8. Other topics

City and County wish to continue fighting over MSD for another year

Following on the dispute between the city and county over Consent Decree Phase 2 plans  (and countless other disputers over MSD), the County has sent a letter to Federal Court Judge Michael R. Barrett which says  “This letter proposes that you assist the City and County in agreeing to a simple extension of the MSD 1968 Agreement in order to continue working together toward the previously agreed upon transition of MSD. The simple extension would be until July 1, 2019.” Read the full letter here.Ltr_MSD_Court re 1968 Extension_20180720

Note that the 50 year agreement between the city and county ended April 30, 2018. They agreed to extend that deadline to September but cannot meet the September 2018 deadline. Originally a new agreement was to be reached by September 2017.

The continued waste of money on disputes instead of fixing the sewers is an outrage.


County disputes USEPA position on submission of Phase 2 Plans

Hamilton County tells USEPA that” …we respectfully dispute your letter of July 17, 2018 and its actions. We request that you accept receipt of the Board’s Phase 2A submittal and review it as the sole Phase 2A plan proposal on behalf of both Defendants. We again request, as we did in our letter of June 29, 2018 …, that you reject the City’s Phase 2A proposal as being unauthorized by the Board. If the Regulators do not promptly take these actions, the Board will be forced to invoke Dispute Resolution under Section XXI of the Consent Decree.”

Read the County letter here. Ltr_Response to Regulator Phase 2A Rejection Letter

USEPA says city and county cannot submit separate Phase II plans.

USEPA states “Defendants [Cincinnati and Hamilton County] shall submit a schedule that is as expeditious as practicable to the United States/State/ORSANCO for addition Final WWIP projects to be constructed (Phase 2),” “Defendants may propose a Phase 2 schedule,”.  In other words the separate submissions by the two defendants do not count as a submission that was due on June 30,  2018 assuming the Court agrees to extending the consent Decree deadline from June 30, 2017 to June 30, 2018.  In other words, the city and county have missed the Consent Decree deadline for submission of the Phase 2 plan(s).  you can read the USEPA letter here OH0105457_HamiltonCounty_Comp_20180717.

Hamilton County Board of Supervisors Election Aug 13, 2018

Two candidates are running for one seat on the Hamilton County Soil and Water Board.

here are links to the HCSW Board Election Information about the election and instructions on how to vote.

You can also vote at the Open House at the annual meeting, which will take place at the Hamilton County Soil and Water Conservation District, 1325 E. Kemper Road, Ste. 115, Cincinnati, OH 45246, on August 13, 2018 from 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm;

It’s free, you can meet the candidates and they have food! More information here.


Sewer Overflows in Cincinnati linked to

The first epidemiological study to report associations between sewer overflow (CSO) events occurring near homes and elevated risks for Emergency Department visits was conducted by  Professor Cole Brokamp. The time period of this study was Jan 31, 2010 to December 9, 2014.  The study found “evidence that CSO events occurring near residences were linked to childhood ED (Emergency Department) visits for GI illnesses, primarily acute gastroenteritis, 2 to 5 days post CSO events.”  Download Dr Brokamp’s powerpoint here and the study here.   An interactive map of the CSOs can also be accessed here.

County releases Phase II plan for MSD sewer consent decree

The city and county have been unable to reach agreement on the next phase of the MSD s Consent Decree. The county has released its plan.  We don’t know if the city will release theirs or submit their version to USEPA for approval.

Here are the documents that the County has provided.

Summary: BOCC – Board’s WWIP Phase 2A Proposed Plan Summary 5-25-18

first set of Fact Sheets for some projects: Hamilton County Phase 2A Fact Sheets – Part 1 Phase 2A Fact Sheets – Part 1.2 for 2018-06-05

Second set of Fact Sheets: Phase 2A Fact Sheets – Part 1.2 for 2018-06-05

Sierra Club’s comments on the un-approvable County plan: 2018-06-07 SC comments on County Phase II plan

Sewers & Clean Water – Phase II Plan?

On Friday May 27, Hamilton County sent out the information below about the failure of the city and county to reach agreement on the Phase II plan for MSD sewer repairs.  The County is seeking comments on their version of the Phase II plan. The Phase II plan was due to USEPA June 30, 2017, nearly a year ago.

Remaining hearings will be held

–          6:00 p.m., Tuesday, June 5, 2018, at the Delhi Senior Center, 647 Neeb Road

–          6:00 p.m., Thursday, June 7, 2018, at the NorthChurch, 4222 Hamilton Avenue

ham co email  announcement of the public meeting

BOCC ltr to City Officials re MSD Phase 2A Public Hearings Commissioner letter

BOCC – Board’s WWIP Phase 2A Proposed Plan Summary 5-25-18 link above to the County Plan