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Stop the Eastern Corridor!

Check out our new Facebook page on stopping the Eastern Corridor project!

And check out Commissioner Greg Hartmann on the Oasis Rail and the highway on the  Channel 9 news.   “The ridership numbers, I’ve got some questions about, but my biggest questions are about costs,” Hartman said. “How are we going to pay the $300 million for light rail to go east?

Hartmann said. “I really believe light rail does not make a lot of sense at this point going east. We don’t have any light rail at all in this community and to start going from downtown to Clermont County really doesn’t make a lot of sense for $300 million.”

“If we can’t afford to pay for it, if it’s not our number one priority as a region, we need to move on from those discussions and have more evaluation about whether the road project makes sense.”

Yes, we’re glad to see Commissioner Hartmann is questioning the Oasis rail. As much as we like rail, this line has high cost and low ridership projections. It won’t qualify for federal funding because it doesn’t meet minimum criteria.  The highway project needs a lot more scrutiny too. Continue reading Stop the Eastern Corridor!

Save the Date

What: National Announcement Impacting Mariemont

Topic: Eastern Corridor proposed relocation of SR32 to Mariemont, a National Historic Landmark

When: June 19, 2013  10:00 AM

concourse pix

Where:  Concourse at Center Street and Miami Bluff in Mariemont, Ohio (east of Cincinnati)

(Parking is limited – Please consider parking on side streets and walking, or car pool/use public transportation.

Announcement will be followed by a Historic Walking Tour of Mariemont and also a bird- watching walk in South 80 hosted by the Ohio Ornithological Society

Sponsored by Mariemont Preservation Foundation

While this is not a Sierra Club sponsored event, we are providing to our viewers as an interesting, upcoming event!

Ohio Department of Transportation meeting in Madisonville

we received the following meeting notice from the Ohio Department of Transportation’s consultant working on Red Bank Road “improvements”.

It is disturbing ODOT is still talking about “improving” Red Bank Road (aka expressway) instead of meeting the community’s transportation needs.
“As you have previously been involved as a Community Partner Committee member or have attended one of the CPC member meetings you are being notified that ODOT will hold a project update and information meeting for the Red Bank Roadway Improvement project.  The meeting will be held on Tuesday May 21, 2013 from 5 PM to 7 PM at the Madisonville Recreation Center, 5320 Stewart Street, Cincinnati, OH 45227.  The Design Team (ODOT, City of Cincinnati and URS) will present concepts that have undergone evaluation by a Project Engineering Technical Committee to consider each one relative to various engineering criteria, previous community input  and goals set forth early in the process. The Design Team seeks your continued input and comments on this project.”

Scott Buchanan PE
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URS Corporation
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press on the public meeting on Eastern Corridor Jan 22, 2013

check out the Cincinnati Enquirer’s story on the Mariemont Meeting about relocated SR 32 ! and make your comments!

Also check out WXIX and WCPO !

Residents object to highway through South 80 Park and historical and archeological site.  Others spoke about air and noise pollution, waste of taxpayer money, impacts on the National Wild and Scenic Little Miami River, the fact that traffic has been decreasing in the area for years, not increasing, and more !

Continue reading press on the public meeting on Eastern Corridor Jan 22, 2013

Join Mariemont in protecting “Lost Village” from destructive Eastern Corridor Highway

Join Mariemont in protecting the newly documented, still being discovered archeological site in South 80 Park.

This park and historic site are directly in the line where Ohio Department of Transportation and the Hamilton County Transportation Improvement District want to put relocated SR 32 and a new highway bridge over the National Wild and Scenic Little Miami River.

Mariemont has started a petition to ODOT opposing the route through South 80 Park and the archeological site.

Highway Relocation Meeting Rescheduled into the Future

November 14, 2012 meeting will be rescheduled

The following is from ODOT’s newsletter:

The Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) has announced that the State Route (SR) 32 Relocation community update meeting, which was to be held at the Mariemont Elementary School Auditorium on Wednesday, November 14, is being rescheduled. Continue reading Highway Relocation Meeting Rescheduled into the Future

9/25 – Green Development Workshop at Madisonville Rec Center

LISC Green Development Workshop 
Tuesday, September 25, 6 – 8:00 P.M.
Madisonville Recreation Center

Green development strategies such as complete streets, green infrastructure, and urban agriculture offer numerous opportunities for communities to improve quality-of-life while also becoming more environmentally sustainable. This interactive workshop, hosted by LISC’s national Green Development Center (GDC), will present a variety of place-based tools that support sustainable development and community revitalization.