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Join Sierra Club at the Adventure Summit in Dayton Ohio Feb 9 and 10, 2018

 Five Rivers Metro Parks is presenting the Adventure Summit. More information on the Summit: outdoor skill, culture and experience, speakers including world class outdoor personalities and more.

Visit Sierra Club at our booth or volunteer by calling or email Brian Williams at  [email protected] ‭(513) 390-7303‬.   You can also fill out this volunteer form.

Dayton Dragons RBI “Recycling Bin Initiative” Program in Dayton

A program sponsored by the Dayton Dragons organization in Dayton Ohio works to reward people who recycle their waste and report it to earn tickets to a minor league baseball game!

When a person tracks their recycle activity for two weeks and they send a record of their recycle activity in an email to the Dayton Dragons organization; four lawn tickets to a Dragons game are made available for the effort! Dayton is improving their awareness to recycling programs and involving the Dayton community to support glass, paper, aluminum and cardboard recycling.

The Dragons “RBI – Recycling Bin Initiative” hyperlink to the website is included below:

Scott Bushbaum – Sierra Club Miami Group Executive Committee – Dayton Connections

What is next for the Tremont City Barrel Fill Landfill ?

On December 6, 2016 I received an email from Marilyn Welker a volunteer for the non profit group, People For Safe Water. Some of her work over the past two years has centered on the Tremont City Barrel Fill Landfill that is located just three and one half miles northwest of Springfield Ohio on State Route 68 at the Tremont City Transfer Waste Facility. It occupies 8.5 acres of a larger 80 acre property there at 3112 Snyder-Domer Rd. German Twp. Ohio 45502, according to EPA Superfund and German Twp. The landfill is within area near the Greater Miami Sole Source Aquifer and the Springfield Wellfield that has received attention from People for Safe Water, OEPA and residents due to the disposal of 51,500 barrels totaling some 300,000 gallons of industrial waste dumped there from 1976 to 1979. In 1980, a 10 to 17 ft. deep top layer of soil was deposited over the area considered toxic. EPA does not consider the landfill to be worthy of Superfund designation for cleanup but has asked the State of Ohio to agree to propose and begin the process for EPA Superfund money.

In recent news, US EPA Region 5 contracted with Tetra Tech to evaluate possible permanent removal of the 51,500 barrels of waste there. Tetra Tech concluded that “…The available information was insufficient for this type of ranking and consequently provided no means to deem one hazardous waste solid         than another.” In response to EPA’s request “to identify a type of waste that was likely more hazardous and solid, whose removal may be beneficial ‘still bottoms’ are one such waste.” Still bottoms are residues from distillation processes such as oil refining and solvent recycling which typically contain volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) and semi-volatile organic compounds (SVOC’s). “In summary, there is insufficient information to identify drummed waste solids that pose the greatest threat. However removal of still bottoms would reduce the quantity of hazardous waste on site.” according to the report from Tetra Tech.

Ohio EPA Director Craig W. Butler discussed this report with Ohio legislators Rep. Kyle Koehler (R-District 79), Sen. Bob Hackett (R-District 10) and Rep. Bill Dean (R- District 74). Director Butler asked for a response from citizens and community leaders. The People for Safe Water responded in a letter to Director Butler on November 21, 2016 after speaking with community leaders and consultants. The letter affirms the commitment from EPA Region 5 to remove the “worst of the worst”.  The letter suggests “…remove a subset of ‘the worst of the worst’ barrels whose chemicals are both highly toxic and highly           mobile. Highly mobile meaning waste that travels through sand, gravel and soil quickly. Also, the letter recommends the support and stabilization of solids that are to remain at the site and will be reburied.

In the coming weeks, Director Craig Butler will meet with citizens and local leaders. The People for Safe Water has worked to seek common ground for an “enhanced cleanup plan”. Their approach to the Tremont City Barrel Fill landfill issue is aligned with economic benefit to the people of Tremont City and their health and safety. When I discussed this matter with Virginia Narsete, Community Involvement Coordinator at US EPA in October 2015, I was directed to the Clark County Combined Health District Commissioner Charlie Patterson for answers to the health concerns from citizens affected by the waste at the Tremont City Waste Transfer Facility. The People for Safe Water have also collaborated with the Sierra Club Miami Group and Ohio Citizen Action in Dayton with legal actions to oppose the Source Water Protection Plan, Ordinance 53, and a Memorandum of Understanding with OEPA from 1985 in Dayton Ohio on July 29, 2015. The material in this post online to miamigroup,org is from Marilyn Welker, People for Safe Water at [email protected]

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Stony Hollow Landfill in Dayton – Cease and Desist Order info – November 7, 2016

The Waste Management Stony Hollow Landfill in Dayton Ohio was ordered by the City of Dayton and the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency to stop discharging waste in to the city sanitary sewer systems. The waste is said to have clogged sewer lines and the waste is said to contain chemicals that have been linked to foul odors that have caused illness in cleanup crew employees.

The South Gettysburg site has been named in a class action claim from a Moraine resident who says the City of Moraine is negligent in monitoring the emissions. The nature of the illnesses and the number of employees i

I will follow up with any information I receive from the City of Dayton Water Interim Director, Michael Powell and his staff  regarding the Stony Hollow Landfill at See more of the story from the Dayton Daily News at the link below.

Scott Bushbaum – Sierra Club Miami Group Executive Committee “Dayton Connections”

Dayton City Paper with news about the current status of Garden Station

On August 25, 2016,  the Dayton City Paper published a news report on the “death of Garden Station…”. Staff writers Sarah Sidlow, Tim Walker, and Ben Tomkins  took opinion on the subject of Garden Station’s recent eviction notice from the City of Dayton. The Sierra Club joined the effort to stop City Properties Group LLC from Louisville Kentucky from signing the lease on the property by circulating an action alert to Sierra Club members in SW Ohio.

The lease on the community based, volunteer run, “green” space expired for Garden Station on October 31, 2016. Some advice offered to stop the expansion was to request the City of Dayton to utilize the City of Dayton Department of Parks and Recreation to purchase the lease, to contact the Five Rivers MetroParks independently of other City of Dayton requests to buy- in the lease agreement for Garden Station to remain a garden park. One other suggestion was albeit last minute; call attention to noise pollution from the nearby B&O Railroad that is known to complicate health issues for nearby residents and business. Noise pollution can contribute to stress related illnesses and heart disease. If investigation from City officials yield news that noise could bring issue to the expansion, some question as to the health of new occupants would then suggest reason to stop the commercial expansion.

Thank you to everyone who called the City of Dayton and answered the call to support the Sierra Club in defending Garden Station in writing letters and signing the action alert. Actions like this do not go unnoticed. Our message remains a strong one; sustainable, “green” infrastructure projects like Garden Station with greenhouses, rain barrels and 100% recycling projects are important to residents, tourists and children who learn from them and enjoy them in urban settings.

Read the article in the “Debate Forum 10/25” section of the Dayton City Paper in the hyperlink below:

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Dayton Power and Light Bailout Hearing – 9/27/16 at Dayton City Hall

Neil Waggoner, Sierra Club Beyond Coal Campaign organizer is putting out the word to folks in Dayton and SW Ohio…,

The DP&L bailout hearings are scheduled for two public meetings on September 27, 2016 at Dayton City Hall. One meeting is at 3 p.m. and another is later the same day at 6 p.m.

Dayton City Hall is located at 101 W. Third St. Dayton OH 45402.

DP&L is seeking money from taxpayers to  pay for old power plants. With renewable energy such as solar and wind already replacing coal power in many places in the Midwest, like northern Indiana, the Sierra Club is working to organize a movement toward solar and wind. Coal power is dangerous to miners, dirty to the atmosphere where it’s known to contribute to climate change and global warming. Coal power is expensive also. The capital return on the investment to utilities can be beneficial to them and those who use alternative sources of power; some market analysts say solar power can be as inexpensive as 5.5 cents per kilowatt hour.

Join us at Dayton City Hall on September 27th and be a part of a movement that stops tax money for coal plants! More information is available at our Facebook page for this event at

Scott Bushbaum – Sierra Club Miami Group Executive Committee / Ohio Chapter Executive Committee


Midwest Outdoor Experience 2016 – Eastwood Lake – Five Rivers MetroParks – October 1st and 2nd 2016

Outdoor X, more often known as the Midwest Outdoor Experience is rolling into Dayton Ohio on October 1, 2016. This is the twelfth year for this huge outdoor event, hosted by Wagner Subaru and Five Rivers MetroParks of Dayton Ohio.

Attractions include camping, bonfires, mountain bike courses, kayaking, canoeing, zip line demonstrations and crowd participation, climbing, disk golf, live music, craft beers and gourmet food trucks. Many visitors enjoy discounted pricing on camping equipment and used G.I. gear including snowshoes, canteens, tents and backpacks.

The Sierra Club Miami Group will engage the public with up to date information on environmental actions locally and to share our love for paddlesports, and Outings events the Sierra Club is best known for such as hiking, bicycling, backpacking and travel opportunities across the USA. Stay late with a group of us who’ll camp both nights and talk bonfire news with those brave enough to stay all night with friends from all over the Midwest!

This is one of Ohio’s best outdoor gatherings and the live music, craft beer sponsors and food vendors alone bring out the best in all outdoor enthusiasts from Dayton to Red River Gorge and all over!  See more from the official link to the Wagner Subaru Midwest Outdoor Experience at

Scott Bushbaum – Dayton Connections blogger

“Dayton Connections” September meeting at Brixx Ice Company on 9/26/16 @ 7:00 p.m.

Dayton Connections followers and Sierra Club members,

Look for us at the Brixx Ice Company on September 26, 2016 at 7 p.m. for a meeting of the “Dayton Connections”.

The Brixx Ice Company is located at 500 E. First St. Dayton Ohio 45402. This location is central to Dayton and is adjacent to Fifth Third Field where the Dayton Dragons play minor league baseball.

Just stop in and catch the latest in environmental news in Dayton. We talk about the Garden Station project, single use plastic bag bans locally and Gulf Oil / Lexus pipelines. of course as always this is forum for you to tell me what is most important in your neighborhood. I then work on your issues at the group and Ohio Chapter levels to get action and stop pollution. Don’t forget to get the first updates from me on where and when to backpack, camp, bike, and hike around Dayton and beyond. After all, we do more than talk and gawk! We hike and bike, camp and canoe, too!

Scott Bushbaum – Sierra Club Miami Group Executive Committee

Sierra Club Michigan Chapter Retreat update / August 26 – 28, 2016

Hello Sierra Club members and readers,

On Friday, August 26,  I had planned on camping a short distance from home to Fort Loramie Ohio for a quiet weekend in the woods. I packed a hiking backpack, a cooler, a grill and set off for the one hour drive. With a full tank of gas, I considered my calandar. My invitation to the Michigan Chapter retreat was posting to my “To Do List”. I quickly changed my plans and drove the additional four and one half hours to Stony Lake Michigan and stopped there at Camp Miniwanca.

Once at the retreat site, I registered and set up a quick overnight camp before bicycling to the Council Circle for a bonfire, marshmallows and fire side foods. I met Jordan Simpson and Dani Slagg who posed for a photo at the Council Circle. The night was filled with song and story telling. Story gave way to knowledge; I learned that Indian dream catchers originate from this area of the USA.

The next morning was met with raindrops and a peaceful morning of gentle rain over campside coffee. As I made my bike ride to breakfast, many Michiganders ate and told stories to me of travels to Camp Miniwanca. After breakfast, some walked as I rode along to an Activity Center and watched as Sierra Club members participated in rock climbing and rope ladder climbing simulations. Many scaled heights over 30 feet to walk tightropes and swing from high above the wood floor. As we left for camp, I rode my bicycle ahead of the hikers and photographed Stony Lake and Lake Michigan in the overcast and damp summer air.

Not long thereafter was a lunch break. The rain ended and we dried out from the drizzle. After a hot cup of coffee, I sat in on a political update from Mike Berkowitz, Legislative and Political Director for the Michigan Chapter. He detailed some work on anti plastic legislation and energy initiatives while answering questions. Much of Mike’s presentation focused on political races in the Michigan legislature and changes due to gerrymandering. His Q and A session was most intriguing and I felt well educated on reasons why the Sierra Club endorsed some of the candidates in the races Mike mentioned.

After the politic and environmental presentation, I left Camp Miniwanca. I packed up my truck on Saturday afternoon and headed south for Ohio. My camping and connection with nature wasn’t over. I stayed the night at St. Mary’s State Park in Auglaize County. The night sky was very clear and constellations covered the darkness. Quiet time added to a nice weekend of good company, environmental information from the Wolverines up north and rainy bicycle trails that gave way to a sunny Sunday morning at St. Mary’s State Park. I was offered a free kayak on the algea covered lake and after a half hour paddling on the lake, I pulled myself out, packed up the truck and made for home. The weekend was complete. My picture gallery is filled with fond memories and the people I met were most kind. I think that NCAA football at the Michigan campsite still has my footprint on it though….

Scott Bushbaum – Sierra Club Miami Group ExCom


BP Pipeline Issue in Centerville Ohio & What We’ll Do to Fix It !!!

When a major natural gas company wants to clear cut trees in Centerville for some pipeline work, the Sierra Club rises to the challenge!

An area resident named Carla noticed late June 2016 that the BP Gas Company was about to clear cut a wooded area near her home in Centerville Ohio. Why? Maintenance to an existing diesel and natural gas pipeline at latitude 39.660503496040576 and longitude -84.1410544857751.

Carla contacted the Sierra Club Miami Group to ask what can be done to save the trees that shade her neighborhood and make a swing for her daughter.

Answer comes from Brian Kwaitkowski, Miami Group Executive Committee member. Brian challenges BP with advice to Carla. The advice? Write the US Ohio Fish and Wildlife Service office in Columbus Ohio and ask if an environmental assessment has been completed. Brian also suggested asking if BP has a programmatic agreement with USFWS to clear during the summer roosting season, indicating species like the Indiana Bat may be threatened by clear cutting trees.

Moreover, I suggest writing a story to the Dayton Daily News and the Centerville Times. I asked what method the neighborhood was notified of the pipeline work. Knocking doors with only a few people home during the daytime hours is one example of how public notice is given. I offered Carla contact information for a person from the City of Dayton Environmental Advisory Board who practices environmental law as well.

Furthermore, In mentioning that writing letters is the best way to have lawmakers and public officials act on behalf of their constituents;  a neighborhood effort to write BP will be very useful in making a strong case for saving the trees. Not a day or two later, Carla’s story made the early morning news on WHIO-TV Channel 7 locally bringing her story to Dayton and beyond!

When matters like this threaten nature, the Sierra Club will fight to preserve, and protect the resources of Ohio and the United States of America. Please feel comfortable talking to the Miami Group representatives about ways to protect water, air and land when our help is needed.

Scott Bushbaum – Sierra Club Miami Group “Dayton Connections”

NPMS Public Map Viewer of the pipeline is available in the link below: