Innings are Sierra Club’s monthly educational meetings. We have announcements about upcoming events and issues, a speaker, refreshments and socializing. Innings are open to the public and are free. They start at 7 pm and usually go until to 8:30-9 pm and are held at Dyer Room of the Mount Auburn Presbyterian Church, 103 William Howard Taft Road, Cincinnati, OH 45219.

We normally meet the first Monday of the month, except when holidays interfere. Please see our events calendar to see the upcoming inning topics or read below.

For the time being, all Innings will be streamed online only with no in-person sessions. See each Innings listing for instructions on watching the stream.

New Innings/Programs committee member

Please welcome Kathy McDonald to the Innings/Programs Committee. She brings great volunteer experience through Midwest Native Plant Society. She and her husband, own Sowing Wild Oaks, a business dedicated to growing native Oak

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