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Sierra Club asks Mayor to appoint members to the Sewer District Rate Affordability Task Force

Did you know that in 2014 Hamilton County created a task force to make water and sewer rates affordable, yet the City of Cincinnati has yet to appoint anyone to the committee? This is preventing progress on making changes to the sewer rates which have become burdensome for many individuals and communities.

sewer overflow going into a stream in Mt Airy Forest, plastic bags and other debris can clog sewer pipes leading to overflows. Many overflows are causing simply by too much rain entering the system.
sewer overflow going into a stream in Mt Airy Forest, plastic bags and other debris can clog sewer pipes leading to overflows. Many overflows are causing simply by too much rain entering the system.

The Sierra Club and The Coalition 4 Fair Rates are advocating for equitable sewer charges. MSD’s current billing system is confusing, out-dated, and unfairly distributes the cost of sewer replacements across all customers. We have the opportunity to reduce the minimum charge, create a low-income/elderly discount, incentivize green infrastructure, and more.

Watch the Sierra Club Cincinnati Water Rates Video

Thank you for taking action by working together we can have clean water at fair rates for everyone.

Early June Comms Committee Update

The Comms Committee met on May 14th, and agreed to focus these three goals for next few months:

Action Items:

#1: Work toward producing two Newsletter mailings per year:

  • new 1-2 page supplement for the existing “ballot mailing” in the fall
  • new mostly-Paddlesports Schools mailing in the spring; Marie to obtain bulk-mailing costs.

#2: Produce a sample (demonstration) email blast with links to 3 blog posts.

#3: Implement analytics for the web site (Doug to do)

Current Status: Action Item #2 has been actively worked for the past month. Three sample blog posts (actually Pages for technical reasons) have been created. Leesa will prepare a “sample” newsletter, which will be presented and discussed at the June ExCom Meeting.

NEW: Subscribers can now Comment on Blog Posts!

Per action taken at last night ExCom Meeting: Subscribers can now create new Comments and/or respond to existing Comments for Blog Posts that allow Commenting (people entering posts can choose whether to allow commenting or not by blog post).

To become a Subscriber, you need to create a logon (userID and password) for this site by clicking on the button near the top of the right sidebar.

Create a CommentTo create a new Comment, click on the LEAVE A COMMENT link:

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and then enter the quiz answer and your comment:



View CommentsTo View existing comments, click on the COMMENT link:

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This only applies to Blog Posts, which can be accessed from the left-hand sidebar.

This does not (yet) apply for site Pages, which are accessible from the menus near the top of the page.

2015 Q1 Communications Committee Update

Many of you may not be aware that I took on chairmanship of a new committee last spring: The Communications Committee, which encompasses the existing Happenings team, but expands the scope to include and coordinate our various web sites and other communications with our members and the general public.

The major activity last year was to upgrade our technology base by switching to a new web “hosting” provider and to the latest version of WordPress, which required a new “template” as well. Thus, the new “look and feel” of the site. We made several other changes as well, most notably the new Home Page, which is now devoted to current Actions to Take and Upcoming Events. The new site was rolled-out in mid-December.

At the Retreat in January, one session on Sunday was devoted to discussion of how to improve the Happenings newsletter and otherwise recruit new members more effectively. The GREP Committee published notes on what was discussed. Larry Schartman organized a follow-up meeting March 25th, which he, Marie Kocoshis, Elizabeth Durrell and I attended. The discussion was wide-ranging. Larry has published minutes, and plans to present the findings to ExCom at their April meeting.

Duke spills oil into Ohio River at Beckjord Power Plant

thousands of gallons spill according to the Business Courier

Cleanup will take days according to ORANCO.

and the view of Duke Energy

U.S. EPA Serving as On-Scene Coordinator in Emergency Response to Ohio River Oil Spill

Sierra Club Response to Duke Energy Spill in Ohio River

NEW RICHMOND, Ohio — Authorities are investigating an oil spill from Duke Energy’s Beckjord Station, about 20 miles from Cincinnati. Officials say about 5,000 gallons have spilled into the Ohio River.

In response, Sierra Club Organizer, Neil Waggoner, released this statement:

“This is yet another example of dirty fossil fuels putting us at risk. We pay with our health. We pay for the dangerous cleanup with our tax dollars. At the same time that Duke Energy was spilling oil in our river, it’s also asking the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio to bail out its old, polluting coal plants by passing extra costs on to its customers. If utilities in Ohio invested these dollars in clean energy, we could breathe easier, have safe water and power our lives without suffering the dangers of refineries and coal plants.”