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Dayton Connection is the Miami Group’s representation in Dayton Ohio. The Dayton Connection blog is administrated by Scott Bushbaum who resides in Dayton Ohio. Scott also volunteers for the Ohio Chapter of the Sierra Club’s Executive Committee
His environmental activism began with Ohio Citizen Action/Toxic Action Project in 1988. He joined the Sierra Club in 2010 and has also volunteered for Greenpeace.

Community Action Network Meeting – Sept. 23, 2015 – Montgomery County Democratic Party HQ


Arlinda Vaughn, Director of Community Action Network along with Scott Bushbaum, Sierra Club Executive Committee Chairperson want to invite you to a meeting to discuss environmental issues in Dayton and Montgomery County on September 23.

The meeting is held at Montgomery County Democratic County Headquarters on 9/23/15 at 7:30 P.M. The organization hosting the meeting is the Community Action Network.

The address for the Montgomery County Headquarters is located at 131 S. Wilkinson St. Dayton OH 45402.

The Sierra Club will table the event and volunteers are encouraged to participate!

The cut and paste link to the CAN events website is below:

Scott Bushbaum – Sierra Club Miami Group Executive Committee

“Bag It” movie screening – Dayton International Peace Museum & Sierra Club – October 18, 2015

Hello folks,

“Bag It”, the documentary that exploits the plastic industry and plastic pollution will show at the Neon Movies on October 18, 2015. Time for the show is 3 P.M.

The event is sponsored by the Dayton International Peace Museum and the Sierra Club.  Donations are voluntary.

“Bag It” runs 76 minutes. Allow for some time after the show to ask me about plastic pollution and efforts to curb pollution from plastics in the USA.

Scott Bushbaum

Sierra Club Miami Group ExCom

Ohio Chapter ExCom

World House Choir – “Missa Gaia” Call to Action on Climate Change – Sept. 11 and 12, 2015

Thanks to those who joined with me and 100 singers in the World House Choir throughout the Miami Valley area ( Dayton, Springfield, Troy, Urbana, Cincinnati, Middletown, Xenia and Middletown) for “Missa Gaia-A Mass Celebration of Mother Earth” by the Paul Winter Consort.

The two night song and dance event coordinated environmentalists, interfaith and social justice groups in awareness for climate change. I networked with Krista McGraw from Tecumseh Land Trust, and people from People for Safe Water among others who met at Antioch College.

The event kicked off at 7:00 on September 11 and 12, 2015. The outdoor, Antioch University Amphitheater for song, dance and instrumentalists was changed to the Corry St. Antioch Theater due to weather conditions.

The rain site for the weekend activities was the Antioch College Foundry Theater at 920 Corry Street, Yellow Springs Ohio 45387.

A hyperlink to the webpage with a press release and more information is available here. Thanks again to those who braved out this weekend and made your voice heard on progressive climate change in Yellow Springs!

Scott Bushbaum

Sierra Club Miami Group ExCom

Ohio Chapter ExCom

Midwest Outdoor Experience (formally Gear Fest) – October 2nd and 3rd 2015

It’s time to gear up for the Midwest Outdoor Experience 2015! The event once known as Gear Fest is an awesome invite for the Autumn season! The event begins October 2, 2015 at 6:00 P.M and runs until 10:00 P.M. On Saturday, October 3, 2015, hours of operation begin at 11:00 A.M. and end at 7:00 P.M.

Be prepared for exhibitions on camping and hiking. Look for craft beers, food and outdoor competitions. Ride mountain bikes for free over rough terrain and through a challenging obstacle course! Free kayaking and canoeing make this event hard to beat! Don’t forget zip lines, the Subaru Buckeye Dock Dogs and outdoor demonstrations of all kinds. Camping is available and the Sierra Club Miami Group is manning a booth with materials and information on Paddlesports and volunteer opportunities.

Bring a friend and rough the Autumn weather rain or shine for fun in the Fall with us at this years bigger and better Midwest Outdoor Experience at Eastwood Metropark!

The link for the Midwest Outdoor Experience is found at

The address for the activity is Eastwood Metropark,  1385 Harshman Rd. Dayton OH 45431





“Bag It” Screening in Yellow Springs Aug 20th, 2015


The Little Art Theatre in Yellow Springs, Ohio played host to a screening of “Bag It” on August 20th, 2015. The Miami Group was proud to present the documentary about  dangers of plastic pollution. The film began at 7:00 P.M. and was free on a first come, first served basis. Donations were welcomed and funds raised help pay for rental of the theatre.

Vickie Hennessy, Director of  the Green Environment Coalition and Susan Jennings, Executive Director of the Arthur Morgan Institute for Community Solutions attended the event. Matt Trokan and Scott Bushbaum fielded questions after the film from over thirty attendees. Some topics discussed included groundwater protection and reducing, reusing and recycling waste with respect to landfills in the Greene County, Clark County and Montgomery County areas nearby.

The Little Art Theatre is located at 247 Xenia Avenue Yellow Springs Ohio 45387. The telephone number is 937-767-7671.


Scott Bushbaum – Sierra Club – Miami Group – Executive Committee

Dayton Ohio’s Source Water Protection Plan (SWPP)

The Sierra Club is working in Dayton against legislation that weakens water quality standards! The Source Water Protection Plan (SWPP) proposal is wrong for Dayton. The plan would reduce areas of well field protection by nearly 25%!

DaytonWaterOneSource[1]The plan, in part, calls for the implementation of a Risk Management Plan. The Risk Assessment Plan is appropriating money from the Wellfield Fund to hire a Risk Assessor and a Consultant. The new personnel are to hold industry accountable for pollution in the groundwater or aquifers.

The plan is  flawed, because once the chemicals reach the water supply, the industries have already contaminated the discharge ponds and groundwater! By the time the pollution is found, the damage can be severe. When several different companies use the same chemical, the Risk Assessor and Consultant cannot be sure to adequately determine which industry caused the contamination. The result is chemical pollution that cannot be properly accounted for. Furthermore, water remediation is an expensive solution to decreasing well field boundaries.

The Sierra Club opposes shrinking the boundaries of protection. The Ohio EPA guidelines regulate in such a way as to allow the reduction of boundaries, yet caution strongly against doing so. The Environmental Advisory Board from the City of Dayton spoke at the May 12th 2015 Dayton Plan Board meeting in opposition of the SWPP. Scott Bushbaum, Sierra Club Ohio Chapter volunteer spoke at the May 12th meeting in opposition to decreasing well field boundaries. Other area groups including the Dayton Women’s League of Voters, the Dayton Garden Club and the Dayton Citizen’s Water Brigade have voiced opposition to zoning code language and map boundary changes. As advocacy groups and local professionals in the water industry speak at legislative sessions to warn against changes to the SWPP, the Dayton Plan Board votes to pass the proposal to the Dayton City Commission in a meeting held on June 9th 2015.

At the July 29, 2015 Dayton City Commission meeting at City Hall, Dayton resident, David Hurwitz called for both amendments to be remanded to the Dayton Plan Board for the wording of “substantial risk” in the zone code language and the Environmental Advisory Board’s recommendation to oppose the SWPP.  New data presented at the July 29 meeting is said to show a gross amount of three million pounds of hazardous materials stored within the newly proposed SWPP boundaries. This figure is found to be over thirty three percent less than previously permitted with all industries at maximum TMDI levels in the protected well field operation area.

Sierra Club volunteer, Scott Bushbaum spoke in opposition to the proposals based on the Zone 5 well field where the Rumpke Recycling Center is located and protectionist actions versus expensive water remediation costs. DCWB Organizer, Marcia Snow brought case studies from Wright State University on specific data gathered in opposition to variance text changes. Commissioners Joey Williams and Jeffrey Mills both indicated that thirty years of technology helped develop the new plan. Commissioner Williams cited higher fine structures for violators, an increase of prohibitive categories within  well field operations and  improvements to variance measures as reasons for passing the new Ordinance 53. Later, comments from Tammi Clements, Dayton City Water Director were heard regarding “substantial risk” language in the variance amendment.

Ms. Clements mentioned over eighty business and stakeholder meetings took place as the legislative process began in 2014. Mayor Nan Whaley said that the passage of the amended case numbers, Z-010-2015 and Z-007-2015 in her words, “strengthen” the Source Water Protection Plan. The remarks of the Commission appointed Environmental Advisory Board, the Sierra Club Miami Group, the Dayton Citizen’s Water Brigade, Ohio Citizen Action, the Dayton League of Women Voters, other local groups and concerned citizens were not enough to dissuade the Commission who voted to pass both text code amendments and zoning map boundaries.  The meeting adjourned after ten o’clock P.M.

Look for more  updates on the Source Water Protection Plan from partner organizations and the Miami Group on the Dayton Connections page!


Scott Bushbaum

Sierra Club Miami Group Executive Committee

June and July 2015 Activities

 “Bag It” Screening : Neon Movies

July 30, 2015 at 7:30 P.M.

The Sierra Club presented  “Bag It” at the Neon Movies on July 30, 2015. The film showed at 7:30 P.M. A brief discussion of the history of plastic followed the movie. Attendees from the Center of Spiritual Living in Kettering made up the group of over forty attendees! Another screening at the Little Art Theater in Yellow Springs Ohio was held  August 20th 2015. The screening in Yellow Springs was made celebratory by an announcement that Hawaii banned plastic grocery bags on August 20, 2015!


SWPP Activities – May / June / July 2015

 Early May 2015, I met with City of Dayton Water Department Director, Tammi Clements and Environmental Manager, Michele Simmons to discuss the Source Water Protection Plan. The SWPP was once known as the Well Field Protection Act of 1986. The SWPP exists as a regulatory standard that protects the groundwater and aquifers from pollution. The SWPP is now proposing to have new text amendments, zoning regulations and remediation/risk plans to accommodate Dayton area residential and industrial water needs. Based on a model known as MODFLOW, the new area of well field protection would decrease by nearly twenty-five percent. The City of Dayton feels decreasing the zones of protection will attract business.
The Dayton Plan Board met to discuss the plan on June 9, 2015 at City Hall.  The meeting moved the SWPP to the Dayton City Commission for votes on zoning text and map zone boundaries on July 29, 2015. The Dayton City Commission passed both amendments unanimously. More information on this matter is available on the Miami Group website at and at
 Dayton Area Picnic – 7/12 / 2015
12 P.M. – 4 P.M.  Rain or Shine
  The Dayton Area Picnic at Triangle Park was held July12, 2015 at noon!  The picnic greeted new members who learned about water quality and landfill issues. The weather was overcast and spotty with sprinkles of light rain, yet Elizabeth Durrell, and Karen Nagel amongst others locally made ready a network of people from Dayton, Troy, Springfield, Middletown and all over the Miami Valley for food, fun and frivolity!
Scott Bushbaum
Sierra Club Miami Group
Executive Committee
Ohio Chapter
Executive Committee

Dayton Connection Blog

Scott Bushbaum is a member of the Executive Committee, the Ohio Chapter Executive Committee and is acting as  primary liaison to the Dayton area. Scott’s experience is in fundraising and non-profit organizational management. He began as a staff canvasser for Ohio Citizen Action in 1988. Scott joined the Sierra Club Activist Network in 2010 and quickly attained Leader status. Currently, his work with Greenpeace USA is focused on the Arctic Response Team and ending oil expedition in the East Beaufort Sea and East Siberian North. Key issues of note are Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline, Ohio HB 310 and SB 122, and anti-fracking on public lands. Camping, bicycling and travel are interests that keep Scott committed to natural preservation in America. This blog will serve to keep Miami Group and Ohio Chapter Sierra Club members “in the loop” regarding his Club activities.