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Green Cincinnati Plan 2018 Kick-off Meeting!

The Green Cincinnati Plan presents a comprehensive set of recommendations for addressing global climate change as a City and region. The City of Cincinnati will be doing a major update of the plan to advance the sustainability, equity, and resilience of the city for the next five years!

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To be apart of the upcoming Kick-off Meeting, register here !

Thursday, September 28, 2017 from 6:00-8:00pm

Cincinnati Zoo Harold Schott Education Center

City of Cincinnati General Election Endorsed Candidates 2017


Endorsed Candidate for Mayor Candidate Website
Yvette Simpson

*Incumbent candidate

City Council – Candidates Candidate Website
Derek Bauman
Tamya Denard
Michelle Dillingham
Greg Landsman
David Mann*
Laure Quinliven
Chris Seelbach*
P. J. Sittenfeld*
Wendell Young*

Help make a difference! Call Louise Hosburgh (812) 707-9579 (cell) to volunteer or email Louise and she’ll connect you with the  campaign of your choice.

Cincinnati and Hamilton County rush to deal on 45-year County take-over of Sewer District

Infighting between Cincinnati and Hamilton County has gotten in the way of implementing sewer consent decree projects that would clean some of the worst polluted water in the United States. By the Sewer Districts own reckoning, over 8 billion gallons of untreated sewage mixed with rain water, go into the Ohio River, Mill Creek and Muddy Creek. The Sewer District continually violates the Clean Water Act, exceeds standards by millions and continues to maintain illegal Sanitary Sewer Overflows.

Sierra Club remains concerned that the creation of a new five-member board of City of Cincinnati (2) and Hamilton County (3) appointed members to oversee operations, recreates the same potential for conflict. “Supermajorities” (4of 5) are required for major decisions; supermajority requirements tend to prevent, rather than encourage projects. The commitment letter seeks to let the City out of the consent decree, yet maintains a level of control that could interfere with consent decree work. These delays will add to the City’s prediction that a number of consent decree projects will already be late. The importance of the consent decree work needs to have primacy in the new agreement, but currently doesn’t. At the same time, the commitment letter also leaves the dispute about asset ownership up in the air.

We sought to have the deadline extended to allow for more consideration of this 45-year deal to fix it and allow other options to be explored. While the deadline was extended from the original 1 week, it did not allow sufficient time for the public to be more fully informed and consider other options.

The mediation between the City and County, which led to the commitment letter, was under a gag order by the judge assigned to the consent decree. The next set of projects to be completed by the Sewer District, under the consent decree, were due to US EPA on June 30. The County requested, and may still want, a one year delay in submitting this set of commitments for work that begins in 2019. US EPA, at this point, has granted a 4-month extension until October 31, 2017. Bizarrely, the City and County will not release even a draft of the Phase 2 plan for public review (beyond the list created in 2010 which has most likely changed in at least some respects.)

Sierra Club is also concerned about the status of verbal commitments made by the current management to businesses and residents about sewer projects. Will they be honored by the future management?

Thanks to diligent and fast work by Sierra Club attorneys and many members of the public, some changes were made to the commitment letter, over the weekend before the Monday morning vote. Sierra Club offered draft language, some of which was accepted. We appreciate members of Council and the Commission’s willingness to meet and discuss issues of concern about this 45 year agreement.

volunteer needs Sept Oct 2017

Have a little extra time? We could use your help!

Help us plan and carry out our annual dinner on Sat., Nov. 11. Attend one planning meeting (optional). Arrive early to help set up, welcome guests, manage placement of foods at the table, or stay late to help clean up. Contact Karen for more details or to volunteer, 513-542-5259, [email protected]

Volunteer to call new members who move into your zip code. Welcome them, answer their questions or refer them to someone who can address their questions. Contact Karen for more details or to volunteer, 513-542-5259, [email protected]

Greeters! Come a little early to our annual meetings, innings, and greet new visitors. It can be a bit uncomfortable to enter a space where you don’t know anyone. We’re getting a lot of new members these months and having someone to greet and spend a little time with these folks can make them more comfortable. Maybe they’ll even come back? Contact Karen for more details or to volunteer, 513-542-5259, [email protected]

Help Move Greater Cincinnati Past Plastic! Tired of seeing single use plastic bags everywhere – on the street, hanging from bushes and trees, piling up at your house? You’re not alone. We have folks who are banding together to look for solutions. Contact: [email protected]

Service Trips. We have service trips on the Loveland Bike Trail a couple times a month. Check the outings schedule in the back of this newsletter for a date and location or contact Jay Freeman, [email protected], or 513-531-7642.

Want to help, but nothing above sounds right for you? Contact me and let’s talk. I believe we can find a spot for you! Karen 513-542-5259, [email protected]

Past Plastic meet up Nov 28, 2017 6:30 PM


Hi all, We’re meeting Nov 28 at 6:30 at 2330 Victory Parkway, 4th floor across from elevators, Cincinnati, Oh 45206

An agenda will be posted soon!

Come with ideas and reusable bags you no longer need; old t-shirts would be great too (to make into resuable bags).

Join us and bring a friend. Email [email protected] if you have questions.

Sierra Club past plastic team

We hope to see you there!



Miami Group’s picnic

Miami Group, Sierra Club, Annual Picnic –
Sunday, Aug. 13, 2017
In August, Miami Group DOES NOT have a monthly meeting (Inning.)
Instead, it has an annual picnic.

Our picnic will be held in Loveland at the Izaac Walton League Lodge, located between the Bike Trail and the Little Miami River.
544 Branch Hill Loveland Rd, Loveland, OH

Bring something to share for the picnic –appetizer, salad, vegetable, something  to grill or a dessert – and your drink. We’ll have a hot grill, plates, plasticware, cups, napkins, water & coffee.

Come earlier in the day, place your contribution in the refrigerator or coolers, and enjoy these activities:

• If the water level on the Little Miami River is high enough you may want to paddle the river.  Check our Meet-up (  or call 513-382-7377

• To paddle on your own or with a few friends, contact the Loveland  Canoe Livery, just up the road from the Lodge.
• Bike Ride along the River (Experienced 24 miles roundtrip bike ride) Start at 1:30 at the Lodge, ride along the river to Avoca Park and back. (NOTE: Meetup details and RSVP will be on a separate post by, Evan Denenberg, one of our biking leaders.)

• For a shorter bike ride see who’s biking at 2:30 from the Lodge &ride north along the river to Nesbit park for ice cream and back.

• Hike – on your own or join a group leaving the lodge at 3 pm.

• Slides, equipment to climb, and a sand box/ toys for little ones.

• Sit in the shade, watch the river float by and visit.

• After dinner – live  music.
For more information contact:  [email protected]


Above photo:  Miami Group members that presented their vacation slide shows.  Nov. 2015

Innings Location and date:  Boy Scouts Achievement Center; 10078 Reading Rd.; Evendale, OH;  Monday, Oct 2, 2017 at  7:00-9:15 PM

Miami Group members will be sharing photos and stories of their recent trips.

Each presenter usually takes about 12-15min and shows a brief collection of their vacation photos. The requested media is a flash drive, and the slides in Jpeg, pdf, or ppt format.
If you are interested in presenting, please email Alvin Denenberg at
<[email protected]> with your topic and for additional questions.
We usually have room for 7-8 presenters.

Examples of previous member slide shows are:
Colorado Rockies, Utah’s National Parks, Machu Picchu, Wildlife and Birds of Ohio and Florida, Images and Trips to the White Mountains, Nature and Wildlife Images of Maui and Kauai,
Mill Creek Canoe Trips, Photographic tours of Niagara Falls, Outer Banks, and New Hampshire, and Wildflower Trips.


What is going on at the University of Cincinnati in sustainability?

July 10, Monday, 7 pm at Boy Scout Achievement Center  at 10078 Reading Rd. Evendale, OH. 

This will be a brief overview of what the students, faculty and staff are doing, our goals moving forward, some lessons learned and a few big ambitions.

Mary Beth McGrew will be talking about initiatives at the University of Cincinnati in the area of sustainability including current activities, challenges and opportunities.

Mary Beth McGrew is the University of Cincinnati’s Sr. Associate Vice President of Planning + Design + Construction and the University Architect. She has been with the University for over ten years and prior to that worked for large multidisciplinary firms doing work around the country. Her educational background started in the sciences and health related professions before becoming an architect. At the university her department of 60 includes architects and engineers for small projects, project managers who for large capital projects; Environmental Graphic Designers, a Real Estate and Community Development group, a Space Management Office and a Sustainability Coordinator. She works very closely with the Office of the Provost, President and reports to the Sr. VP of Finance and Administration. Together the group works to keep the physical campus in support of the academic mission. The campus resources consist of 16Million SF of buildings, and 473 acres.