Celebrate World Migratory Bird Day May 11 at Burnet Woods

eastern bluebird, Photo by Beatrice Eckertson

Join us on Saturday May 11 from 9 AM to 2 PM at Burnet Woods in Cincinnati for a special celebration of World Migratory Bird Day themed “Protect Insects, Protect Birds.” This event underscores the crucial role insects play in the ecosystems which support our avian friends.

Location: Trailside Nature Center, 3251 Brookline Ave., Cincinnati.

Burnet Woods, recognized as an Important Birding Area by Audubon, offers a habitat teeming with diverse bird species, making it the ideal setting for this event.

Activities Schedule

9 AM: Bird Hike — Kick off the morning with a guided bird hike. Brian Keane and Denis Conover will lead a bird hike starting at 9:00 am from Trailside. This is a fantastic opportunity for both seasoned birdwatchers and novices to spot some of the feathered inhabitants of Burnet Woods. Be sure to bring your binoculars and prepare for an educational journey through the park’s lush landscapes.

10 AM till 1 PM: Tabling Session — Engage with various organizations at their informational booths. Partners such as the Burnet Woods Park Advisory Council, Miami Group Sierra Club, and Preserve Burnet Woods will be present to educate and discuss their efforts in conservation and the importance of maintaining biodiverse habitats for bird populations.

Till 2 PM: Nature Encounters: Bird-Themed Educational Display (in the main room of Trailside nature center) — Cincinnati Parks will host a fascinating display on birds, focusing on their crucial interactions within ecosystems.


This event is brought to life through the collaboration with several local organizations, including:

  • Burnet Woods Park Advisory Council
  • Miami Group Sierra Club
  • Preserve Burnet Woods
  • The Crow Knows/Carol Mundy
  • Solid Waste Caucus
  • Audubon Society

Each organization brings unique insights and resources that enrich the experience and deepening participants’ understanding of the day’s theme.
Why “Protect Insects, Protect Birds”?

The theme highlights the symbiotic relationships between birds and insects, emphasizing the need to conserve our insect populations as a critical food source for migrating birds and as vital pollinators in our ecosystems. By protecting insects, we safeguard the birds that rely on them and maintain the balance of our natural environments.

Join Us

Whether you’re a birder, an entomologist, or simply someone who appreciates the beauty of nature, World Migratory Bird Day at Burnet Woods promises to be an enlightening experience.

Come and be part of a community dedicated to conservation and enjoy a day out in the beautiful Burnet Woods.

Let’s come together to celebrate the amazing journeys of migratory birds and the indispensable insects that sustain them. See you there!

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