Cincinnati Playwrights Initiative welcomes Sierra Club Miami Group to EarthFest at the Fifth Third Bank Theater

Earthfest logo

On April 16, several members of the Sierra Club Miami Group attended “EarthFest”, eight 10-minute plays celebrating Earth Day, that took place at the Fifth Third Bank Theater in downtown Cincinnati. The evening of high quality, locally-written plays by the Cincinnati Playwrights Initiative (CPI) were in support of the Miami Group.

One Sierra Club member, Lauren Enda, addressed the packed audience, sharing successes from the Miami Group, our current environmental priorities, and encouraged volunteers to join in one of our events. The CPI donated some of their fundraising profits to the Miami Group. Using the arts to shed light on many aspects of the environmental crisis we are now facing is brilliant. Thank you CPI for the opportunity to take part in such a worthwhile event.

earthfest playwrights
EarthFest, supporting the Miami Group Sierra Club, was a massive hit. From left to right: Director Trisha Cooper, playwrights Liz Coley, Roger Collins, Susan Decatur, Sierra Club Miami Group representative Lauren Enda, playwrights Doug Decatur, Alan Jozwiak, Director Micheal Kiser, and playwrights Rose Vanden Eynden and Eric Brose.

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