Dayton Volunteer Positions

We are looking for several volunteers in Dayton to help take the lead on some projects in the area. These projects are:
  • Volunteer Recruitment: Contacting members for campaigning help and general administration items
  • Political Action: Interviewing and vetting political candidates in the Dayton area
  • Communication Liaison: Assist in website and social media postings, as well as responding to community questions
  • Fundraising: Help bring in funds for the Miami Group Sierra Club to support local campaign work
  • Outings Leaders: Our Outings Committee will support you as you go through training to become an Outings Leader and start Outings in the local Dayton area
  • and much more!
Please email our Volunteer Coordinator ([email protected]) if you have an interest in helping out with any of our volunteering needs in Dayton!

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