Developments in Bond Hill Road landfill project

According to the Hamilton County Solid Waste Caucus, which includes the Miami Group, there are three applications pending with the OEPA for the Bond Road Landfill (officially Bond Road Site, Inc.), located in Whitewater Township and owned by Rumpke:

  • A Title V air permit renewal.
  • An “alteration” to the access road off Sand Run Road in western Hamilton County.
  • An increase in the Authorized Maximum Daily Waste Receipt (AMDWR) from 100 tons/day to 1500 tons/day.

Interested in the Title V application?

Though a renewal, the Air Permit is a five-year permit and it is of concern to the neighbors. Due to the proposed 15-fold expansion of the amount of daily waste delivery to the site, air quality would be greatly affected.

Comments re the Title V Air Permit should be sent to each of the following persons:

Hearing Clerk, Ohio EPA
50 W. Town Street
P.O. Box 1049
Columbus, OH 43216-1049
[email protected]

Andrew Hall
Permit Review/Development Section
50 W. Town Street, Suite 700
Columbus, OH 43216-1049
[email protected]

Bonnie Pray
Southwest Ohio Air Quality Agency
250 William Howard Taft Road
Cincinnati, OH 45219
[email protected]

Interested in the access road issue?

Please write NOW to the OEPA! The SW Caucus feels that the application describes more than an “alteration”. The application is for a road that is nearly a mile long and should definitely merit a public hearing.

Comments regarding the Proposed Entrance Facility Update should be sent to: Michael Harris, Ohio EPA, Southwest District Office, 401 East Fifth Street, Dayton, OH 45402-2911. So that the comments reach the right file, we suggest that comments be captioned: “Bond Road Site, Inc., Alteration #7, PTI”

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