Eco-themed board game night on July 24

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Please join Sierra Club Miami Group and local board gamers for an evening of eco-themed board games on July 24. We’ll have a wide array of games on hand, ranging from beginner-friendly games that are quick to learn and quick to play, to weightier games that take up to two hours.

Bring your family and friends – some games are recommended for ages 8 and up, while others recommend an older minimum age for players. We’ll match the games to the players.

The space allows food and beverages (but no alcohol) so feel free to bring your dinner, or a snack to share.

What do we mean by eco-themed board games? Some focus on nature or ecology, like Wingspan, Photosynthesis, Cascadia or Butterflies. Some focus on transportation or mass transit, like Ticket to Ride, Trans America, or Metro. Some focus on energy and land use, like Powergrid and Suburbia. Some focus on parks and eco-tourism, like Parks, Trekking the National Parks, or Trails. Some focus on gardening, like Planted or Lotus. Plus lots more. Feel free to bring your own eco-themed board games. The goals of the evening are to have fun, build friendships, and learn something about sustainability.

Where: Deer Park Branch of the Library, Meeting Room A, 4020 E. Galbraith Rd., Cincinnati (in the Dillonvale Shopping Center).
When: Wednesday, July 24, 2024, 5:15-8:15 PM.
Cost: Free.

Contact Larry Falkin at (513) 866-1038 or [email protected] if you have questions or suggestions. RSVPs are not required, but are appreciated.

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