Sierra Club and the sewers on WVXU

WVXU 91.7 is running a 6-week podcast about our local sewer system.

Backed Up explains many of the issues with our sewers and in a pretty humorous way. But cleaning up our waters is serious and essential!

Sierra Club’s efforts are highlighted in this production. We’ve been working for years to get the MSD and County to get the sewage out of peoples home and get rid of sewer overflows. Progress has been challenging with the city and county’s disagreements about how to proceed, numerous delays and a lot of wasted time and money.

On a more positive note, because of our work, we have a Consent Decree, the Sewer Backup Program and requirements to eliminate and reduce sewer overflows. The city and County have finally submitted Phase 2 Plans stop more overflows. Water quality is improving and many people have benefited by the Sewer Backup program, that is, they no longer have sewage backing up into their homes.

You can hear the podcast episodes here and WVXU has added pictures and other information.

On July 10, WVXU is hosting a special event about the podcast. More information about attending the event is here, or by scrolling to the bottom of

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