Energy Committee Update November 2019

We have a regular monthly Energy Committee meeting, but during December the Miami Group Energy Committee is deferring to January, and instead we hope people will attend the Ohio Chapter Energy Summit in Columbus on Saturday, December 14th.

Here are some Energy Updates:

The loss of HB 6 has emboldened Republicans in the state legislature and the PUCO to throw even more roadblocks before efficiency, wind and solar. There are a lot of technical issues the dirty energy advocates can hide behind, but there are a couple of key points which we can always stand firm on:

1) Efficiency, wind and solar are cheaper than fossil fuels and nuclear power in Ohio (HB 6 proves that).

2) Republican failure to enforce existing pollution standards have already caused increased exposure of millions of people to deadly fine particulates and smog;

3) Partisan opposition to clean energy is hurting the economy of the State of Ohio, and the people who are least able to afford it are being hurt the most.

We are thrilled about the City of Cincinnati’s recent announcement of a contract to provide 100 MW’s of solar electricity to the people of the City, and other Ohio cities that want to share in the cheap power.

Our Ready for 100 (100% renewable energy) campaign is really making a difference. We are organizing around the aggregation of electricity and natural gas to promote renewables for citizens who use Ohio’s Electric Choice law to shop for better prices on electricity, both through individual decisions and through local government purchasing on behalf of citizens and small businesses.

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