Environmental Trivia January 2020 Follow-Up

On January 20th the Miami Group Sierra Club’s Young Professionals Group hosted an Environmental Trivia event at HighGrain Brewing Co. We packed the brewery with Sierra Club members, students, people in the environmental field, teachers, and more! Our top 3 teams won gift cards from Highgrain Brewing Co. and our top 2 teams also won a pint glass and other swag.

The questions ranged from worldwide to local environmental issues. There were also a variety of questions about national parks, grassroots activism, and wildlife. At the end of the trivia, we had two teams tied and had to do a tough tiebreaker to declare the winner! This was a great organizing opportunity to get the community engaged in environmental issues, volunteering opportunities, and getting to know each other.

Thank you to Highgrain Brewing Co. for being our host, the volunteers who helped with the planning of this event, and to all of the participants. We hope everyone had fun and will join us at a future social event! If you would like to help us plan more events like this in the future, please let us know!

Take a look at some pictures below from this event:

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