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July 9 2018 This program by Ken Carman Mill Creek By The Mile is a proposed project for removing all of the Amur Honeysuckle and other invasive plants growing along the banks of the Mill Creek beginning with Sharonville, Evendale, and Reading.The Problem Amur Honeysuckle is by far the most abundant plant growing along the banks and immediately adjacent to the Mill Creek. This is a catastrophic problem for several reasons: It replaces native plants. It causes erosion. Stream Biodiversity is affected. Amur Honeysuckle (AH) provides an unnatural cover for deer, which can increase deer populations and spread of Lyme Disease.The Solution The two primary keys to a successful campaign to remove AH and other invasive plants from along the Mill Creek will be permission from property owners, and funding.The Benefits- This project will draw attention to the Mill Creek to show the country that small creeks like this, can be a valuable resource. The creek can play a crucial role as a primary migration corridor for migrating birds. With removal of the invasive plants, it will allow a marked increase in native plants. click here


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