Family camping with Rockdale Temple

Last year the Miami Group was approached by the Environmental Committee at Rockdale Temple in Amberley. Their plan was to offer environmental themed programs all year, especially focusing on getting people out into nature. The result was a collaboration with our Outings Committee to provide family camping instruction at the temple last month.

Five instructors covered topics ranging from Leave No Trace Principles to camping clothing and gear. A follow-on session is planned for May, and more than a dozen families have signed up for a camping trip to Carter Caves over Memorial Day weekend. The Miami Group is working with the temple to provide a variety of activities over the weekend, including nature walks, children’s games and camping skills demonstrations.

Sierra Club instructors at Rockdale Temple

Pictured left to right are Miami Group instructors Dene Berman, Barry Randall, Nancy Ball, Amelia Mengon and Denise Tingle.

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