February Innings – February 3, 2020

Sewer Justice: Communities United For Action (CUFA) will present many issues with the local sewer overflow issue in Hamilton County. These overflows are affecting the health of residents. People directly affected by repeated sewer backups are paying high sewer bills without adequate remedies by the Sewer District to remedy the problem.  Climate change will make the problem worse.  Sierra Club & CUFA will also present an update on the effort for fair and affordable sewer rates and the efforts underway to create a stormwater fee that specifically addresses stormwater runoff entering our sewer system, causing overflows, health threats, sewer backups, poor water quality and rate increases.
NOPE ! Neighbors Opposing Pipeline Extension will also talk about the Ohio Power Siting Board’s decision to allow Duke to build this dangerous and unnecessary pipeline.  This decision is being appealed. Ironically, the Ohio Power Siting Board approved the Duke pipeline but turned down the siting of an 80 megawatt solar project proposed for Brown and Clermont Counties.  Funny, how the Board approves a “high-pressure, high-capacity pipeline that would put thousands of homes at risk from a potential explosion, along with schools, hospitals, day care centers, and places of worship–all to transport far more natural gas through the area than ever before” but refuses safe solar power that will help stop climate change, is less costly than new fossil fuel plants and is an important step toward protecting the plant.

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