Help protect Wayne National Forest from fracking

Wayne National Forest, photo by Taylor McKinnon / Center for Biological Diversity.

Frack 40,000 acres of Ohio’s Wayne National Forest? Despite a decision emanating from a lawsuit by Sierra Club and other organizations brought in 2020, that forced the federal government to do a Supplemental Environmental Assessment, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is now again proposing to push forward with fracking the Wayne. This is done as a result of a FONSI, or “finding of no significant impact.” This is despite many downsides of fracking: fracking pads and wells, leaking methane, millions of gallons of water contaminated per day, radioactive wastewater being forced back underground or placed elsewhere and rendered unusable, and the massive loss of trees and habitat that would ensue.

Tell the Bureau of Land Management to vote for the environment, rather than more extraction by the oil and gas industry. Tell them to protect Ohio’s only national forest and deny fracking the Wayne. Tell them to save our clean water for our children’s future. These are the people’s lands and need to be preserved intact for generations to come.

Email BLM and tell it to deny fracking here: . Comments are due by May 6.

For more background, see this press release from the Center for Biological Diversity.

Please make your comments are heard by May 6!

(Photo by Taylor McKinnon/Center for Biological Diversity)

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