How Plastic Impacts Our Future – Newsletter Article

Local governments have the right to make their own decisions in such matters like protecting the sustainability of their environment. An Ohio house bill (HB242) is awaiting a final vote that would supersede local governance.  If passed, the Ohio legislation would stop local governments from passing ordinances that would place fees on auxiliary containers.

Governments are not doing enough to stop the plastic pollution on lands and oceans. To prevent more plastic pollution, we need to stop single-use plastics. Businesses have produced more than 8 billion tons of plastic, and only 9 percent of it ever gets recycled. There are millions of tons of plastics that are produced every year that ends up in the ocean. It is reported that the amount of plastics choking our oceans will more than triple in 20 years unless we act.  Restrictions on plastic bags are prevalent around the world, with 66 percent of countries restricting at least some aspect of their import, manufacture or distribution.

California is in the process of creating legislation that would put the responsibility for and the cost of dealing with discarded plastic packaging and takeout containers where it belongs: on the companies that make them, rather than the consumers who buy them.

View the most recent update on HB 242 here.

Written By: Ralph Brueggemann, OCVN

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