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Miami Group administration draft as of August 18 2015
Miami Group bylaws 2002

Orientation handouts (in google docs)

excom calendar of activities

Miami Group ExCom Election Standing Rules 
sample excom election schedule
Election Committee charge
Nominating Committee Charge

Google doc of committee liaisons

core chapter and group functions

Excom Role and Responsibilities

political gail

q from mg excom orientation

Advance calendar of events

New member and vendor payment request forms !
Reimbursement Form Instructions reimbursement-procedures-rev-oct-2016
Reimbursement form for members member-reimbursement-rev-oct-2016
Reimbursement to pay Vendors  vendor-reimbursement-rev-oct-2016

Gail Lewin and Marilyn Wall are managing the treasurer responsibilities. Please send reimbursement requests to [email protected] or [email protected]  Forms for reimbursements can be found at  If you can copy or scan or send a cell phone photo of the receipt that will work. Otherwise mail paper to Marilyn Wall, Sierra Club, 816 Van Nes Drive, Cincinnati, Ohio 45246.

planning for excom orientation P. Frock


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