January Inning Follow-up

We had a great turnout at our January inning last night.  Laure Quinlivan presented “Blue goes Green” a video which documents the design and construction of Cincinnati’s first large-scale LEED Platinum building, the new District 3 Police precinct. District 3 Police Station is the “greenest” building in Ohio.

Attendees learned a lot about the District 3 building in the video. The old building housed 170 officers and is now a historic building where some parts of the police force still work. In the new building they now have enough space for parking and meetings. Their lockers have chargers in them for their radios that can sense when nothing is plugged in to save energy. The doors that automatically open also save the energy when closing and constantly feed it back into the loop. In the future, the precinct hopes to buy hybrid electric police SUVs for their police force. This building successfully achieved Net Zero status in their first year. Meaning that they were using less energy than the building was producing itself. Duke Energy actually owed them over $4,000 at the end of the first year.

Following the video we had a panel featuring professionals in the related fields of architecture, design and facility management including:

Laure Quinlivan, Filmmaker and former City Council member
Larry Falkin, Cincinnati Sustainability Director
Captain Paul Broxterman, Police District 3 Commander
John Hancock, UC Professor Emeritus of Architecture, LEED Platinum Homeowner

Please see pictures below provided by Alvin Denenberg and Nicole Edwards.

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