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The Miami Group Sierra Club is starting a Legislative Action Committee and seeking additional members to sign on.

The work of this committee focuses on reaching two objectives. Achieving the objectives will help the club reach the greater goal of improving the environment.

The first objective of the committee is to provide our members with up to date reporting on the policy positions and political initiatives of the Sierra Club. The second objective is motivating club members to take action in the form of getting personally involved. In political terms, personal involvement means participating in the democratic process; doing things like contacting their elected representatives, attending public hearings and spreading the word about the Sierra Club’s concerns.

At each level – local, state and national – the Sierra Club has organized teams of professional staffers and volunteers that focus on specific issues of concern. These policy teams devote a significant amount of time studying environmental issues and developing policy positions for the club. Additionally, these teams monitor the activities of government, it’s executive branch departments, legislative bodies and commissions, as they work to enact new laws and change existing regulations. At times, the amount and complexity of information reported out by our policy teams is a challenging task to keep up with.

Staying on top of the information is the first task the Legislative Action Committee strives to achieve. Organizing the policy positions and reporting generated by the Sierra Club teams and then relaying it to our members is the committee’s second order of business. Utilizing the club’s e-mail list, social media network and meetings schedule serves as the means for raising awareness on the issues. The challenge for members participating on this committee will be to build an effective communications team from scratch. Success will be measured, over time, as members respond with comments and questions about the product the committee turns out.

If you have an interest in government or policy issues related to the environment, working on this committee may be rewarding to you. Committee members activities could include:

  • Keeping current with legislative activity at the national, state and local levels.
  • Summarizing reporting from other Miami Group committees (related to that committee’s area of concern).
  • Working with the group’s communication team on social media broadcasts and e-mail blasts to members.
  • Attending club meetings to gather information and encouraging members to take constructive action that will affect policy outcomes.
If you can contribute in some way toward the mission this committee hopes to accomplish, please contact Rich Jordan ([email protected]) or Nicole Wolcott ([email protected]).

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