Join us for November Outings

We’ve got a great lineup of outings this November to help you enjoy the beautiful fall weather. Whether it’s hiking, biking, backpacking or canoeing, we’ve got something for everyone.

Details and registration instructions for these events will be posted on our Meetup site.

  • Backpack in the Joyce Kilmer-Slickrock Wilderness, North Carolina, November 5-7, led by Jay Freeman.
  • Moderate/easy hikes at Shawnee Lookout Park, Saturday, November 6, led by Becky Van Damme.
  • Service Outing on the Little Miami Bike Path, Tuesday, November 9, led by Jay Freeman.
  • Canoe trip on the Little Miami, Saturday, November 13, led by Jay Freeman.
  • Bike Hike from Miami Whitewater, Sunday November 14, led by Jay Freeman.
  • Hike in Ault Park, Wednesday, November 10, led by Doug Jose.
  • Service Outing on the Little Miami Bike Path, Tuesdayv November 16, led by Jay Freeman.
  • Hike from Avoca Park, Friday, November 19, led by Doug Jose.
  • Backpack in the Shining Rock Wilderness, North Carolina, November. 19-21, led by Barry Randall.
  • Annual Hike Before the Bird at Sharon Woods, Thursday, November 25, led by Maria Eckhoff.

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