December 7th Virtual Inning – Community Dialogues

Please join us on Monday, December 7th from 7-9pm for a Community Dialogues Virtual Inning.

Sierra Club has been promoting equity, inclusion and social justice for several years now. The widespread Black Lives Matter protests this year have pushed Sierra Club to commit even more resources to these goals. Sierra Club recently created a new BLM board position and allocated new funds to BLM programs. One major tool is a training course on Organizing Community Dialogues. Join Jocelyn Travis and Nathan Alley for a presentation explaining this course.

It’s hoped that the Community Dialogues process will help us start 2021 by grounding our conservation campaigns in intentional community listening processes.

A community dialogue involves gathering 5-20 individuals from the target community organizations, and guiding the group in an intentional conversation on a given topic. By engaging people in discussion about their values and experiences, their community’s needs and opportunities, and their priorities on a given issue, we can shape campaigns that are grounded in local needs and serve people first. Well facilitated and organized community dialogues, hosted early in a campaign, are a way to set up a team for success

To attend, you need to Register here;


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