Legal Battle over Central Corridor Pipeline ends

In late September, the Ohio Supreme Court (OSC) ruled that Ohio Power Siting Board’s (OPSB) approval of Duke’s Central Corridor Pipeline (CCP) Application was lawful, reasonable and not manifestly against the weight of evidence.

The OSC’s decision was disappointing to Neighbors Opposed to Pipeline Extension (NOPE) and other intervenors, but not unexpected. Unfortunately, this ruling ends NOPE’s five-year battle to protect our communities from Duke’s irresponsible, unnecessary Central Corridor Pipeline. Duke can now finish building this $165 million natural gas superhighway straight through densely populated, residential areas, as planned.

This dangerous and costly tragedy for Southwest Ohio could have been much worse without the dedicated efforts of NOPE. Members across Southwest Ohio made it loud and clear that there would not be railroaded by Duke Energy into accepting high pressure natural gas pipelines in our neighborhoods without a fight — now or in the future. Duke also understands that our communities demand greater transparency, due diligence and engagement with all affected stakeholders.

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