March 1 Virtual Inning – The Arc of Appalachia’s wildland acquisition and preservation

March Virtual Inning – The Arc of Appalachia’s wildland acquisition and preservation

The next virtual Innings meeting will be held on March 1st at 7 pm. The topic is a Wildland Preservation Forecast in Ohio from the Director and Co-founder of The Arc of Appalachia. To attend the meeting, you must preregister here:

The Arc of Appalachia Preserve System has been protecting wildlands in Ohio for 25 years. The Arc has acquired over 7000 acres of new natural areas, representing roughly 140 land negotiations and established two dozen new preserve regions in Appalachian Ohio. In the last few years, the Arc has witnessed intriguing game-changers in the preservation theater in Ohio.

Nancy Stranahan, Director and Co-Founder of the Arc, will discuss the Arc’s current large land campaign, give a sneak preview on exciting new property negotiations that are in the works, and forecast wildlands preservation opportunities in Ohio.

Nancy served as Chief Naturalist for Ohio State Parks before co-founding the Arc in 1995. Since then, she has cultivated a vigorous citizen advocacy network (tree-roots as well as grass-roots) to support the goal of preserving wildlands. The Arc is headquartered at the 3100-acre Highlands Nature Sanctuary, the Arc’s largest preserve region, located near Bainbridge, Ohio, about 90 minutes from Cincinnati.

A few of the signature wildlife species the Arc has protected include Henslow’s sparrows, cerulean warblers, golden star lilies, northern long-eared bats and timber rattlesnakes. The Arc has also been instrumental in saving Native American Indian ancient monuments sites, including Spruce Hill, Glenford Fort, Steel Works, and Junction Earthworks. In addition, the Arc operates Fort Hill and Serpent Mound on behalf of the Ohio History Connection.

Please join us on March 1st to hear about the amazing work Nancy and the Arc are doing to protect our wildlands.


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