Membership Appreciation Dinner 2018

We had a great turnout at our 2018 Membership Appreciation dinner held on November 10th at Garden Park Unity Church. All of our committees were in attendance to present their current activism efforts. From our Past Plastic Committee Denise Olden and Loa Bennett accepted the “Committee of the Year Award.” Gail Lewin, chair of the Political Committee, spoke about the results of the recent election and presented a Super Cup award to Rich Jordan for his efforts this past year with the Political Committee. Barry Randall, chair of the Outings Committee, presented Evan Denenberg with an “Above and Beyond” award for all of the work he does for the Outings Committee. Jay Freeman from the Outings Committee also received an award for his years of outings leadership. Our last Super Cup award was presented by Marilyn Wall, Chair of the Executive Committee, to Kathy Kugler for her outstanding work with organizing the Indian fundraiser dinner and multiple other projects throughout the past year. Congratulations to all!

Photography and editing done by Evan Denenberg.

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