Memorial Grove planting and ceremony November 6

The Miami Group Sierra Club Memorial Grove Service Event and Ceremony held Saturday, November 6, was a wonderful success. About 12 Miami Group Sierra Club members and friends helped to plant nine new trees and two replacement trees. The new trees were planted in memory of Leon Mark, Joe Bowman, Sam Cauffield, Barbara Sue Bernstein Swift, Alvin Denenberg, William “Bill” Hutchinson, Richard “Dick” Hellman, Lynn Frock, and Allen Law.

A short ceremony was held following the tree planting with a very supportive and caring crowd of about 40 people. The grove is looking really like the woods it is meant to become now. Come check it out at French Park, next to the children’s playground. Future projects to improve the area include adding understory shrubs, bulbs and a mulched path with benches.

The Miami Group Sierra Club Memorial Grove was established in 2012. It was formed to honor and remember local members or members’ immediate family who have passed. The Memorial Grove is located on approximately an acre of land in French Park, which was made available to the Club by Cincinnati Parks.

The first Memorial Grove planting was completed during the fall of 2012 in which six trees, native to this area, were planted. Today the grove contains 25 trees.

If you would like to make a gift of a tree or shrub for a member or immediate family member of the Miami Group Sierra Club (MGSC), you may make a donation here.

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