MGSC Virtual Backpacking School Update

The Miami Group Sierra Club’s Backpacking School virtual webinar series has now gone to a twice-monthly format. As we move into the Fall season, feedback from our participants and instructors suggested this new rhythm would allow more time for everyone to get out and (safely) enjoy the outdoors. We were happy to oblige!

One of our recent topics, “Staying Found”, was a good example of the great participation and feedback the webinars have been receiving. The webinars provided a virtual presentation of basic map and compass navigation skills, and participants could follow along at home with their own compass and a printout of a topographic map. At the conclusion of the series, participants were challenged to follow an orienteering route set up by the instructors at one of two locations, California Woods or French Park. Their mission was to follow the route using compass headings and distances only, and to photograph a unique landmark at the end. One dedicated couple successfully completed BOTH courses!

Links to the webinar video recordings are available on the Virtual Backpack Training page. The series will continue through October and November, then take December off for the holidays. Plans are to continue the program, potentially expanding to new adventure topics, in January. Many thanks to our dedicated instructors Nancy Ball and Denise Tingle form the MGSC Outings Committee, and Bryan Wolf, co-owner of Roads Rivers and Trails in Milford.

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