Miami Group sponsors SOLO wilderness first aid training

Wilderness first aid

Have you ever wondered, “What are the most important first aid items I should carry in my pack?” or “How do I decide what to do first when an injury happens and there is no one there to help?”

The SOLO Wilderness First Aid course had the answer these and so many more questions. A workbook, “map” of first aid techniques and two days of fast paced instruction (verbal, visual, experiential and observed) taught us how to approach emergency decisions alone, and with others.

Our group of 15 participants met at Camp Whip Poor Will in Morrow, Ohio on April 23-24 and spent two days watching, practicing and sometimes laughing at ourselves as we acted out scenarios to learn protocols and first aid in what could be very serious circumstances had they been real.

Our instructor Micheal Duncan facilitated and kept things moving and addressed the many questions that came up throughout the day with a sincere and enthusiastic attitude. Overall, participants where very impressed with the event. Sign up for it next time if you have the chance.

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