MSD Background


2002 Interim Partial Consent Decree and exhibits

Sierra Club Sewage in Basement video

2004 “Global” Consent Decree and exhibits

Judge’s Order approving the Consent Decree

2006 Wet Weather Improvement Plan  – 24 volumes. Request from MSDGC

2008 USEPA declined to approve the (Revised) Wet Weather Improvement Plan

2009 Conditionally approved Wet Weather Improvement Plan

more on the 2009 plan

2013 Lower Mill Creek Partial Remedy approval and Revised WWIP

2014 Hamilton County Agreed to form a Rate Affordability Task Force

2014 local procurement and responsible bidder litigation Petition to Enjoin Violation of the Consent Decree, City response, Sierra Club brief, Judge Magistrate ruling

MSD Sewer billing 2014 (note that this data does not add up to total revenue. MSD did not provide all revenue figures.

2015 MSD Request for Minor Modifications to the Wet Weather Plan

2016 Hamilton County Motion to Enforce

2016 Cincinnati’s Reply and exhibits

2016 Sierra Club’s Motion for a Special Master

2016 Rate Affordability Task Force files (download from county commission website)

Summary of MSD two phase consent decree approach and status

Some progress reports on the MSD website:

current capital budget, operating budget and rate information

Other  reports & videos:

ECO report on MSD governance

Op ed on Sewer Rates

Sierra Club and ECO Citizen Audits

2013 citizen audit

citizen audit of msdgc 2014

The August 14, 2017 Commitment Letter is contained in the attached 1013-Notice-of-Filing-Letter.pdf






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