MSD update on stormwater issues

Negotiations are still ongoing with the Cincinnati and the Hamilton County over the next phase of the consent decree to stop sewage overflows and sewage backups into homes. These negotiations have caused excessive delay in the implementation of the consent decree.

The Metropolitan Sewer District (MSD) recently released a report on current projects timelines and spending for the month of April 2023. Most are asset management projects (repair and maintenance, category AM_PROGRAM) as opposed to consent decree projects (category WWIP_PROGRAM). We have rarely been able to get any of these reports and are in the process of reviewing this one! [link to file]

We are also addressing City Council and the County Commission about the need to address stormwater resulting from the I-75 widening and the Brent Spence Bridge. Historically, stormwater from the Interstate went into combined sewers and the widening of I-75 means more stormwater going into combined sewer pipes and more sewer overflows. This is not a best management practice. Ohio Department of Transportation needs to do its part to keep stormwater out of the combined system and treat the runoff to stop the pollution streets send to our rivers and creeks.

We are also reviewing material as we get it about the power outage at MSD and remain concerned about the lack of backup at the Mill Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant, in the event of another outage. Millions of gallons of untreated wastewater went into Mill Creek and the Ohio River during the March 2023 power outage.

And last but not least, MSD is holding another meeting about establishing an impervious surface fee on 9:30 AM, July 14, 2023. Email [email protected] to get info on the virtual meeting.

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