The biggest water pollution problem in Hamilton County is caused by sewer overflows including basement backups and discharges into the street from our local sewer district, called Metropolitan Sewer District of Greater Cincinnati or MSDGC.

The MSDGC was created though an agreement in 1968, that runs for 50 years. Under the agreement, the Cincinnati was to run the sewer district and Hamilton County was the owner, set sewer rates and approved budgets and capital projects.

MSDGC has been violating the federal Clean Water Act and its infrastructure maintenance and replacement needs neglected for decades.

In 2004, a federal Consent Decree was signed by Judge Arthur Spiegel, replaced an  “illusionary” Interim Partial Consent Decree previously filed by USEPA, Ohio EPA, ORSANCO and the defendants (Cincinnati and Hamilton County).  Sierra Club intervened in the suit and was granted intervenor status.

More detail on the Consent Decree can be found here.

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