New chairperson and rebranding for Miami Group Innings

Kathy Kugler
Kathy Kugler

After many years as Chairperson of the Innings Committee, Doug Jose has stepped down and Kathy Kugler has volunteered to lead the Committee going forward. Sierra Club would like to sincerely thank Doug and the rest of the Innings Committee for the tremendous job they have done in bringing interesting, educational and relevant speakers to our Group.

As Kathy assumes her new role, she sees an opportunity to refresh and rebrand the Innings program, and has this message for all Miami Group members and supporters:

Hello Miami Group members! I recently agreed to chair Innings. I firmly believe one of the most useful components of Miami Group has been INNINGS!

But what is an Inning?? Confused? Me too! Let’s rename our wonderful educational presentations.

Send your ideas for a new, more meaningful name for Innings to Kathy Kugler at [email protected]. Thank you for your support!

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