New Features of this site

This site was moved to a “green” hosting company ( in mid-December 2014.

Here are the main differences from the old site:

  • The site displays much better on mobile devices!
  • You can create a logon, which enables you to “comment” on most blog posts on the site.
  • To prevent vulgar content, comments may be reviewed by an Administrator before they appear on the site.
  • The new site also has stronger Spam filters, and a feature to prevent automated logon attacks (you’ll have to solve a simple addition or subtraction problem to prove that you’re not a SPAM bot).
  • Permissions have been tightened. If you don’t have the permissions you need, contact Doug Jose.
  • The old footer is gone; the Contact Us form is now accessible from the Home Menu.

Please report any issues you have with this site to [email protected]

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